Tv Throughout History

Impact on America

Over time, Tv has become one of the greatest impacts on our society and people. It affects the way we act, dress, eat, and even think. Not only does it effect our culture, but it gives us information and knowledge on what's happening in the world. So many Americans consider TV a part of their everyday lives.

4 Eras


"The Golden Age of Television." The 50's was a time period revolving around family and the "perfect American family". Every family wanted a television in their home. After the war, tv became a much more popular idea and really started to develop. In the 40's, daily tv consisted mostly of cooking shows, wrestling, and cartoons. In the 50's, TV shows like I Love Lucy and Father knows best became popular. Also in the 50's, live reality tv shows were broadcasted for the first time. In this decade of tv, people were able to see and watch what was happening in the world around them, creating an efficient impact on society.


The 70's was a time period of many cultural changes in America. Women's rights were coming into effect resulting in more women having jobs to bring in money. The divorce rate went up significantly in the 70's, but family was still an important part of the culture. New technology like Atari and home computers changed the way kids and adults spent their free time, and music had a big influence on the youth. People wanted to live a happy life and protested to get it. Seventies tv consisted of a mix of all the culture. Ladies on tv created fashion statement that were followed by lots of girls, and for the first time, some shows weren't afraid to share opinions on social and political issues. The TV show The Brady Bunch and the educational kids program Sesame Street

was created in the 70's.


Like other decades, the 90's was a time period of many combined cultures. Grunge and hip hop were popular movements among youth in the 90's, and new technologies like cable tv and the internet were coming intro play. 90's tv showed a lot of sitcoms based around a big family. There was a whole new handful of fashion trends, and you could see them all represented in these shows, along with lots of these shows giving important messages to teens and kids who watched.


Today on our TV's, we see a mix of everything. Sitcoms, sci-fi and comedy shows, cooking shows, sports, reality tv, game shows, and even movies are aired daily. The tv's are more advanced than ever, with new features like internet and apps. We see changes in our everyday lives come from what we watch on the television and it is a huge pass time for so many Americans.