Copyright Flyer

Definition of Copyright:

A collection of rights granted to the author of piece of work . (Books, software, art, ect)

The Five kinds of copyright licenses:

Public Domain:

These aren't protected by copyright law any longer. There are three main reasons it might not be protected any longer; 1. The copyright license might be expired. 2. The creator said in their will that it was to be made public domain once they die. 3. It's open to the public.

Example: Classic Literature.

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Copyrighted work that you can copy, use or give away for free.
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Copyrighted work that you can use for free but only for a limited amount of time. IF you want the full version then you have to pay.
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All Right's Reserved.

It only allows the purchaser to use the software according to the user agreement. (Microsoft office).
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Open Source .

You can add add ons to the applications, you can use it or improve it. (Fire fox and Chrome)
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