By; Evelyn Lugo

Code Of Conduct

~ Don't Ever Steal Close Or Stuff That Don't Belong To You .

~ Don't Talk When The Coach Is Talking .

~ Respect The Coach And Other Girls .

~ Follow Directions Quickly .

~ Pay Attention To The Coach .


~ Blue Shorts .

~ Gray Shirt .

~ Sport Shoes ( Shoes That You Can Move In )

~ Hair Up On Pony Tail .

~ All Jewelry Off .

Definition Of Pre - Sports

Pre - Sports Is To Prepare You For Athletics Next Year That You Are In 7th Grade . Pre - Sports Is A Little Different From PE . In PE It Is A Little Harder . Pre - Sports You Get Prepared So Next Year You Can Do Sports ... For Example ; Volleyball ! Or Basketball .

Lockers , Health Day , ( Grading )

Your Going To Get To Pick Your Locker . Your Going To Keep Your Clothes And Shoes In There . Your Also Going To Be Able To Put Other Stuff In Your Locker Like ... Perfume , And Other Stuff You Can Use .

~ Health Day ; Health Day Is When You Don't Dress Out . You Just Write Down What You've Learned. Eventually The Coach Will Tell You What Page To Go To And What Questions To Answer . Practically Health Day Is When You Go Over Some Stuff You Would already Have Had Already Went Over .