The Light Bulb Lab's

Big Ideas for the Week of February 1, 2016

Valentine's Day is Almost Here!

We will have our class Valentine's Day Party this Thursday at 10:00. Be sure that your child has something to collect their Valentine's in, as well as, has a Valentine for all students in their homeroom class. We are so excited to welcome Addie to Mrs. Frederick's class. She was not on the original list but make sure we give her a warm Light Bulb Lab welcome this Thursday! We also want to say a HUGE thank you to our homeroom parents: Mrs. Menon, Mrs. Carstens, Mrs. Freedman, and Mrs. Miriello! They have been working very hard to make this a special party for our students. Look for pictures of this week's party to come home next week!
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Book Groups and BAS Assessments

Many of our groups are nearing the end of our current chapter book. We have had such a great time talking with our students about character traits and using evidence from the text to support our work. We also have written Reader's Response letters and proved that some books can have more than one setting! Phew! Upon completion of our books, we will begin BAS testing with our students. While some students work on this reading assessment, others will explore Time for Kids and practice Non Fiction skills like using text features to support their understanding. It will take us a little while to complete these assessments but we will provide more information about your child's strengths and areas that we will continue to work on in the near future.

Moving on in Math

Last week our focus was on checking in with students progress on Multiplication and using 12 different centers to show what we know about this important skill. On Monday we took a short quiz to identify which standards needed to be revisited before moving on to division. Hopefully, you've started on our "Flipped" Math Madness assignment due this Wednesday. Our focus will shift from learning the meaning behind multiplication, to how multiplication and division are related. We are excited with our progress and eager to keep moving forward!

Quick Updates

-Mrs. Thoma and Mrs. Frederick will be out of the classroom this Wednesday and Thursday presenting at the state technology conferences, please call the office with any dismissal changes

-MAP reports, AIMS and MCAP assessment results come home on Tuesday

-No school Feb. 15th and 16th

-We are in need of post it notes and tissues if you are able to donate