Benefits of Industrialization

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Industrialization is a period of great change in the world.

Basicly it brought us many good deads. More jobs, more work, more people. It brought us new inventions, and great inventors. It was a time of great improvement in our society.

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The Telephone

The Telephone was a great invention, that allowed people to contact others from far away. You could spread information faster, and was a great improvement from other devices.
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The Airplane

Made by two great brothers that wanted to take flight. The airplane that was once a contraption that seemed wierd and broken as soon upgraded untill what we have today. It showed people that humans can take flight.
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Electricity was not an invention yet it was a secret. A great man, Benjamin Franklin, figured out how to harness electricty while flying a kite in a lightning storm. He found out that the power from it could be used to better life. It helped create what we have today such as phones, and lightbulbs, and even airplanes!
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Eli Whitney

Eli Whitney invented the Cotton Gin which was an invention that made it so seeds would be more efficiently removed. It allowed one worker to clean cotton as fast as 50 people combined. It was a simple machine but was able to make processing cotton faster. Eli made this invention so people wouldn't have to work so hard cleaning cotton. This is just one of the great inventors of the industrial revolution.
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Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla invented better Generators to power electronics. He noticed that Edison's direct contact with the power house didn't light up or provide electricity very well. Tesla invented generators that work together to provide even more electricity then edison's. It powered lightbulbs more and opened a bigger gate for electric inventions to come forth.
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Agricultural Advantages

Farming was made better by increased cotton production and the nitrogen soil idea. It allowed soil to have cotton planted and replanted again and again withour destroying the soil.
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Transportational Advances

Advances in transportation also were bettered by the Industrial Revolution. Planes, trains, and boats were bettered or created. Trains allowed faster ground travel, steam boats allowed faster water travel, planes allowed air travel for the first time. In all the Industrial Revolution made transportation a hole lot better.

Benifits of the Industrial Revolution... Summary

It really benefited us in big ways and brought us as a country foward. It brought us elctrical advances, transportation advances, agricultural advances, and business advances. It brought us inventions that made life as an american a lot easier. The Industrial Revolution made America a society of great inventors and inventions at this time. Many good things came out of it and benefited us for the best.

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The Goods and Bads of the Industrial Revolution


-It brought more jobs

-Brought electrical Advances

-Brought Transportation Advances

-Brought new inventions and inventors

-Brought more people


-Brought over population

-Brought dangerous jobs

-Brought low pay

-Brought Child Labor