Technology Boot Camp

Madison County Schools

Boot Camp for Educators: Digital Creativity

Come to Boot Camp for Educators to learn tools and strategies for enhancing instruction with collaboration and creativity in a digital environment. Teachers will learn how to use video, web-based sites, and apps to support instruction in the classroom. Teachers will discover how easy it is to ditch the worksheet and construct meaningful learning opportunities for all.

How is our world different?

  • very fast
  • almost instant
  • Sharing of everything
  • visual data more prominent
  • 24/7 any where any time connections
  • anyone can publish
  • self-directed not dictated by the content producer

Today's learners are:

  • connected to 24/7
  • social
  • visual learners
  • fast response time
  • digital literate

What does all this mean?

  • Teachers are no longer the fountain of knowledge
  • Students don't need to memorize facts
  • Students need to create
  • Students need to have questions asked to them that they can not google it
  • Students need problem solving activities or creation--evaluation activities
  • Students need to be connecting, communicating, collaborating, and collectively learning.

You are guaranteed to walk away with a new tool and strategy to use with your instruction.


Teachers, Students, and Parents Love Edmodo!
Edmodo has undergone some wonderful updates.

Edmodo social networking platform that allows teachers to connect with students in a safe and protected environment. Teachers can share information, give tests/quizzes, share documents/websites, take polls, take assignments, and send out text reminders, and so much more!

Past Sites about Edmodo:!other-webtools

Using Edmodo for PBL: (webinar)


Flocabulary presents academic content in a highly-engaging, contemporary format. Let the topic speak for itself, providing students with both visual and aural exposure. And videos aren’t only for introducing new topics; use them to review and provide ongoing enrichment as well.

Videos across the contents....

Google Drive

We are going to discover how easy it is to create documents, presentations, and forms in real time.



Amazing Videos and presentation created with PowToon


Nearpod lets you add interactive features such as question/answer polling, surveys, and your presentation is controlled from the teacher's iPad.!nearpod/c246a

Formative Assessment: Fast and Fun

Thanks Felica for your presentation.