Happy St. Brigid's Day!

February 1, 2016

A Great Day!

Friends of St. Brigid School,

I was touched by the involvement of our students at our Feast Day mass today. After three years, this was my first mass with Kindergarten through 8th Grade attending together. That community was a special thing for me today - truly exciting to have the core of our school with us today for the sacrament, and to have a faculty that supports and seeks all of our students' involvement in the sacraments.

I wanted to wish you happiness on this St. Brigid Day, and thank you for all you do for our school community. I have included some information about what's going on here at St. Brigid School, and I will provide more information in the future.

Happy Feast Day!

Mr. Steve Hernon

Traditional Prayer to St. Brigid of Kildare

Saint Brigid,
You were a woman of peace.
You brought harmony where there was conflict.
You brought light to the darkness.
You brought hope to the downcast.
May the mantle of your peace cover those who are troubled and anxious, and may peace be firmly rooted in our hearts and in our world.
Inspire us to act justly and to reverence all God has made.
Brigid, you were a voice for the wounded and the weary.
Strengthen what is weak within us.
Calm us into a quietness that heals and listens.
May we grow each day into greater wholeness in mind, body and spirit.


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