Call Of The Wild

By Jack London


This is a relatable story of struggles that Buck (A sled dog, and the main character of the book) goes through. The book is mainly about the constant changes that go on in buck's life. Its about how his life gets completely flipped from living on a luxurious mansion, to the everyday struggle of being a sled dog in the bitter cold. some of the main topics of this book are; change, risk, and hard work. This book is relatable to anyone who has ever been forced to change, or had to do something they did not want to do.


Buck is a very static character in this story. in the beginning of the book he is pampered and treated with much respect, but then he gets kidnapped and sold to be the exact opposite of what he was. He gets beaten, sold to various men, cheated out of food, abused by his owners, and bullied by the other sled dogs he is forced to work with. Buck slowly adapts and learns how to survive. Buck knew to never get "down" like one of the other dogs Buck had met named Curly, who had been ripped apart by the other dogs.


Call Of The Wild has many themes that are incorporated into it. some of these themes include discipline. Buck gets disciplined from his many masters and fellow sled dogs through out the book. Another theme is perseverance. Buck is faced with many tough challenges that he has to overcome. this also may be why we see drastic change in buck, because he is constantly going over new obstacles. Also, competition can be used as a theme in part of the book, because in order to survive Buck had to be better than his competition. (other sled dogs)


The time period of the book is in the late 1890's. The setting of this book changes throughout the book, but its starts of in Santa Clara Valley, California. then soon after Buck is kidnapped, the setting takes place in Alaska. Then it moves into Canada.


I would reccomend this book to anyone who has ever gone through various struggles in life, or was forces to do some thing that they did not want to do. This book is all about the hardships of Bucks life, and how he is forced to change everything about him in order to survive. I like this book a lot and i urge more people to read it.
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