Push and Pulls

By: Grace Heaton

Religious Persecution in China

Christians in China are prohibited. They are discriminated against every day in communist China. They want to go somewhere where they will be allowed to practice Christianity. In China, Christians are still trying to get their rights. Christians have been killed and put in jail, in China. Now, they are trying to stand up to China's government.

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Ethnic Persecution in Iraq

The Kurdish have a goal to wipe out Christianity in Iraq. The "Kurds" have been attacking Christians and those of a different ethnicity. That is why Christians are starting to migrate. Christians need to migrate somewhere where they are welcomed. Preferably to the US, whom will welcome different ethnicitys.

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Environmental Factors in the United States

Environmental factors in the US include those whom help crops grow and produce. Crop growth and livestock need to be well suited to local conditions. Environmental factors and climate may affect the location of crop growth. People will migrate to areas with fertile land and a calm climate.

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Economic Motives in Mexico

Mexicans are starting to migrate because of a lack in employment opportunities. They want to migrate to the US, so that they can increase their chances of getting a job. They go to the US for higher rates of job opportunities.

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Political Factors in Uganda

In Uganda, they are having some political issues. The government's rights and the Ugandan rights were been abused. The Unites Staes has been helping them earn their rights. Some Ugandans have migrated back to the United Kingdom. Others stay and hope that the Unjted States will continue to help.

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Forced Migration in Germany

After World War Two, Germans were being pushed out of Europe. This has been occurring now too. They are having geopolitical and ethnic issues. The Germans want to migrate to countries that will accept them, and have fixed their problems.

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