As the school year draws to a close, I want to express sincere thanks for your support, participation, and dedication to the work we do in District 64. It has been an exciting, overwhelming and productive school year that I couldn’t have gotten through without your support!

As they step down from the PREA Executive Board, I’d like to extend a special thank you to Andy Duerkop and Tom Nasshan for their partnership. Our PREA/Admin meetings were collegial, reflected respectful and open dialogue, and always focused our efforts on staff and students. Your leadership and willingness to move from an “us and them” mindset toward a “we” was appreciated more than words can say. I look forward to working as closely with the new PREA Executive Board in the Fall. Congratulations and welcome to Erin and Nancy who are joining Franny and Jane.

As the year draws to a close, two big initiatives are coming to fruition - the Master Facilities Plan and our 2020 Vision Strategic Plan. Both will be presented to the Board in June. I’d like to thank everyone involved through committee work or through participation in surveys, focus groups or other outreach efforts. It is when all of our voices are heard that we have a final product that reflects our collective wisdom. I’d also like to thank staff that have been so flexible in adapting to the new policy on residency re-verification. They were a dedicated bunch that managed the masses with grace and patience.

Finally, I’d like to bid farewell and offer best wishes to all staff retiring or moving onto other endeavors. Your service to District 64 has truly been appreciated and you will all be missed. Good luck and keep in touch!

As I look back on the year, it is clear that we have much to be proud of! As you head off to summer, I hope you find plenty of time for family and friends and that you make time to enjoy all summer has to offer.

I know the final two weeks of school are exciting but equally as challenging. Enjoy these final days with students and colleagues before 2014-15 joins the record books!

All the best,


P.S. SNEAK PREVIEW - Opening Institute Day will be held on Monday, August 17. The entire District will meet at The Pickwick that morning. (Yes, you read right!) Look for details mailed to your home later this summer.


I would like to remind all staff members to be cognizant of when your educator license is expiring. The secretarial staff in the Human Resources Department sends out reminders to staff when their expiration date is approaching. Staff members will need to log into the Educator Licensure Information System (ELIS) and re-register your license. If you have any issues working in ELIS, please contact Kellie Murphy at the District’s ESC building for assistance.

Further, as we approach the end of the school year remember that enrollment may sometimes increase. If we get an influx of students, the District may need to open a section at a grade level. If this were to happen, we will continue to post positions throughout the summer months. Open District 64 job postings are always readily accessible to all staff members through the HR Portal (click Job Opportunities) under the District Portal.

Joel Martin

D64 TECH-CESS Technology Updates

Wrapping Up the School Year Means Gearing Up for Tech Summer Projects

As our 2014-15 school year is wrapping up, the Technology Department is already waving the checkered flag in our race to prepare for the next school year. With this shortened summer, we are facing the challenge of making things happen in a tight schedule so every moment counts. The Technology Department thanks you ahead of time for your cooperation, patience, and willingness to run the race together.

Here are two projects ramping up so you’ll expect to see these changes during the summer and when you return in August.

Coming Up for (MacBook) Air: The ReDesigned Staff Laptop Refresh Cycle

In an effort to make the refresh cycles of staff computers more consistent, predictable, and standardized, staff refresh cycles are now being organized by buildings.

This summer, the refresh cycles will begin at Carpenter (June), Franklin (June), and Roosevelt (August). Staff at those three buildings who are assigned a District-issued Mac laptop will receive an email detailing the procedure and what to do in preparation for the laptop exchange.

Hey wait, you say, I am at one of those buildings getting the refresh laptop this year, but I just received a new (or new-er) laptop in recent years? Needless to say, nothing goes to waste in District 64. All laptops that are collected from the three refresh cycle buildings this summer that are only 1-3 years old will be wiped, re-imaged, and assigned to staff members at the other buildings who are currently using a white unibody MacBook. In effect, technologists in the other buildings will be updating about 20% of staff laptops with these repolished devices tuned up for better performance.

It is the commitment of your building technologist and the entire Technology department to ensure that each teacher and certified staff has updated technology for teaching and learning. Eventually, as we run through these refresh cycles per building over the next several years, we will be able to get all staff on a regularly scheduled laptop refresh cycle and ensure that you have a professional tool in prime working condition.

Can You Hear Me Now?

This summer the entire phone system will get an extreme makeover. Say goodbye to our legacy phone system and say “Hello!” to Voice over IP (VoIP). VoIP is basically voice data that runs through the Internet. So when you speak into a VoIP phone, your voice travels over Internet wires to get to the receiving end. When you return in August, you’ll be greeted by new phone handsets in each and every classroom and office throughout the District.

Here’s what you can expect in the new system.

  • Will you still be able to make/receive a simple phone call and have voicemail? Sure thing!

  • Will you still have the same extension? In most cases -- we will try to preserve phone extensions where we can, but there may be situations where new extensions will be assigned.

  • Can you access a District directory with a push of a button? Yes!

  • Will you have Caller ID? Yes!

In short, you will see all the phone capabilities you had in the past plus more conveniences we all expect in this modern age.

All in all, this new telecommunications system will mean many more improvements that you will be able to take advantage of. So expect to participate in opportunities to learn about all the new features and enhancements that will enrich your communication experience.


The Emerson Symphonic Band went to the "Music in the Parks Festival" Saturday, May 16th at Vernon Hills High School. We competed against 3 other bands from around the area and received a Superior rating. This is the 15th year that the band has competed and it is a wonderful way to end the year. They won their division and were very proud of their accomplishment.


Please join Team Saving Second Base in their 4th annual Zumba FUNdraiser on June 6th! Information is listed on the flyer below --any questions? Please contact Caity Lynch Cuthbertson at ccuthbertson@d64.org or the email listed on the flyer.

Big image

​Do you know someone who has or had cancer? Are you looking for a way to honor or remember them? Look no farther than Relay for Life of Des Plaines / Park Ridge at Maine East on June 27. Bring the family, enjoy the fun, and help a great cause. Need more information? Questions? Please contact Caity Cuthbertson at ccuthbertson@d64.org
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Rainbow backyard playground swingset with 3 swings, trapeze, climbing wall, tire swing, tunnel slide and tented area. $500 or best offer.

Rainbow can disassemble and reassemble on your property.

If interested, please call Lynne Bugai at 1-847-692-6256

iPad Mini - 1st Generation

16GB - Wifi

With case and charger

4 available

$150 each

Contact Mike Kennedy at Emerson



Condo for rent. Available June 1. Near the corner of Palatine Road and Route 83 in Wheeling. 2 bedrooms, 2 baths. $1240/month. Contact Dawn O'Connor Brayton at 773-343-4070.


Dan Simmons (Emerson math teacher) has been painting professionally since 1990. If you would like an estimate, please call 847-331-7850.

2014-2015 PAYDATES

6/04/15 and 6/18/15

7/02/15, 7/16/15 and 7/30/15

NEXT REGULAR BOARD MEETING - Jefferson School-Multipurpose Room

Monday, June 22nd, 7:30pm

8200 West Greendale Avenue

Niles, IL