Keystone AEA Teacher Update

April 2018

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Early Bird Registration Closes Soon!

Have you registered for KPEC 2018 to be held on June 18th and 19th in Dubuque?

May 1st is when the early bird registration closes. This will save you $30!

Registration information here!

Keynoters: LaVonna Roth & Buddy Berry

Featured Speaker: Kim Hopkins, Associate of Dr. Ross Greene.

Family Literacy Night!

Keystone AEA will be holding a second annual Family Literacy Night. The theme is "All the Colors of a Book." Details can be found via the link below. Please feel free to share with families.

Keystone Presents - MackinVIA

The MackinVIA portal provides access to a collection of fiction and nonfiction eBook titles for K-12 students. The collection has hundreds of titles in multiple formats appropriate for all PK-12 content areas. For more information -

Attached video - (may not look like anything is there but there is a little animation - ) Do not have to use….

Upcoming MackinVIA overviews - anyone is welcome to join via ZOOM:

Monday, April 16 @12:30pm - 2:30pm with Teacher Leaders - Instructional Coaches (provided ZOOM link -

Thursday, April 26 @9:30am - Keystone Technology Coordinators / Technology Coaches / Instructional Coaches (provided ZOOM link -

Talk to your teacher librarian to discuss school integration.

Media Updates

  • Here are the van delivery schedules for the 2018-2019 school year! Copies of these calendars were delivered last week!

  • Letters will be sent on the vans April 19th & 20th for the Contact Person at each building for the purpose of updating year end information.

  • Emails will be coming out soon containing information in regards to the large equipment recycling pickup scheduled for the end of the school year.

Special Education Updates

Summer Autism Training - Keystone AEA will again be hosting a 5-day Autism Training this summer. It will be held June 25-29, 2018 in Dubuque, IA.

Training outcomes include:

1. Participants will recognize the importance of and demonstrate proficiency when designing the classroom environment for students on the autism spectrum.

2. Participants will design, evaluate, and modify activities for communication, social

interaction, and independence that ensure growth and success of students on the autism spectrum.

3. Participants will use the approaches presented with a variety of students exhibiting a wide range of abilities and needs.

4. The training specifically addresses many of the concerns regarding challenging behavior.

Teachers and paraeducators interested in attending should talk with their building principal. Administrators must complete a form (provided in the February and March editions of All Things Keystone for LEA Administrators) prior to teachers registering because there is a cost associated with this training.

Please contact Gretchen Conway with questions at or 563-556-3310.

Grades, Diplomas, and Transcripts - the guidance around these topics related to special education students has been updated. This link provides the updates as well as access to the original document (you will need to cross reference between the 2 documents). Additional changes, which will impact the graduating class of 2020, will be coming later this summer or early fall.

Extended School Year (ESY) Reminders - teams should be meeting to make ESY decisions. Eligibility guidelines clearly outline the types of situations that warrant ESY and that ESY is the exception, not the rule. This worksheet can help teams think through the ESY considerations. In addition, the ESY form must be completed within the WebIEP system; if ESY is being added to the IEP, an amendment and prior written notice are also required. Finally, teachers must gather progress data throughout the ESY period and complete the second page of the ESY form 9 weeks after school starts in the fall. Procedures Manual ESY Section.

Secondary Transition Newsletter: March 2017

Special Ed Evaluations - the new statewide Special Education Eligibility and Evaluation Standards clearly state that we cannot delay an evaluation when the team suspects a disability. This means we will need to complete evaluations in the summer on occasion. It is imperative that teams communicate this spring so we can catch most concerns in a timely manner. Summer evaluations will require districts to provide intensive interventions for students and participate in other evaluation activities and meetings to ensure the child receives a comprehensive evaluation.

Keystone Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs)

There are 36 Speech Language Pathologist (SLPs) at Keystone AEA 1. SLPs work with students who have communication needs in the areas of articulation, language, voice, and fluency to support the Early Learning Standards and Iowa Core. SLPs provide services utilizing a range of service delivery options from consultation and training with the student's educational team to direct service with individual students. SLPs work closely with team members (parents, teachers, paraeducators, AEA staff) to support communication development across settings. SLPs work as part of the evaluation team to evaluate, develop, and implement IFSPs and IEPs for students with communication and learning concerns.

Keystone Individuals to Know: Speech Language Pathologists

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