My Baby Book

By: Bri Azar

Baby Book about Me

  • This baby book is about my growth and development as a child
  • Development- Changes that occur because of age. These changes include emotional, physical, moral, intellectual, and social changes. These changes occur from childhood to death.

The First Stage of Life

Prenatal Development: Progress Before Both

1.) Germinal Stage= First two weeks after conception period. When a sperm and

2.) Embryonic Stage= 2 Weeks- 2 months.

3.) Fetal Stage= 2 months- birth.

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The Second Stage of Life

Grasping/Palmer Reflex- Involuntary flexing of the fingers that is present from birth to about 6 months of age

Rooting Reflex- When an infant is touched on the cheek or side of the mouth, they turn their head towards the stimulus and begin to automatically suck

Sucking Reflex- the involuntary sucking motion of infants, also occurs in sleep

Swallowing Reflex- swallowing caused by stimulation of the palate

Babinski Reflex- When a specific part of the foot is touched the big toe moves upward instead of downward

Moro(startle) Reflex- When a loud noise is produced the infant is startled. IN response the child bends fingers and legs and the arms are stretched outward and then pulled in as if the were embracing something and also may cry a little.

When i was at this age i always slept with my hands flat open.

Temperment: The nature of a persons response to stimuli

When I was young I was a very easy temperamental child and baby. I never really cried. I wasn't scared to go talk to people. And one time I even tried to hold a random persons hand because I wasn't scared of meeting new people.

Attachment: A particularly strong bond between an infant and its parents/caregivers.

~ I was most attached to my mother

~ Imprinting- quick learning that occurs soon after birth, and creates a behavioral response to a specific object or person that lasts for a very long time.

~ An object that I formed an attachment with is a little white blanket that I got when I was born

Stage Theory of Cognitive Development

  • Sensorimotor Stage- (0-2 years old) In this stage the baby is able to begins to learn more about the world around them, the main goals of this stage is for the baby to learn that there are objects in the world and events happen because of them and their actions. For instance when a baby cries and receives attention or food during this stage it soon realizes it will receive a response. The baby is able to learn through trial and error.
  • When I was growing up around this age I was really obsessed with Scooby Doo. And I always had my Scooby stuffed animal with me. (Picture at bottom)

Language Development

  • My first word was mama and i said this before i was one
  • When i was about 3 or 4 i would go around calling everything "Stupid"
  • Telegraphic speech- When a child goes through the two word stage

Physical Development

  • I was six months when I sat up for the first time.
  • My first tooth came in when i was 7 months old
  • I took my first step when I was 10 months old

Preoperational Stage

  • During this stage is when children start devoloping an imagination.
  • When I little I would watch Pokemon pretty much all day everyday. I eventually started acting as if Pikachu, one of the main characters was with me and whenever I got in trouble i would point down to my side and blame it on him.
  • I would also watch Barney and Dora pretty much all day at this age and I actually learned a lot from these shows. I loved them so much that I asked for Barney everything that Christmas and had a Dora themed birthday party

Concrete Operational Stage

  • In this stage children are able to start applying their logic to things. But this logic can only be applied to physical concepts. They understand that the object might stay the same but the quantity is not the same.
  • At this age I would get upset if someone around me had two pieces of pizza and I only had one, unless someone cut my one in half and then I thought I had two.
  • At this age I was into Toy Story and had a woody the cowboy doll. (Pic at bottom)

Lev Vygotsky's Theory

  • Zone of Proximal Development- In this zone is the gap between a child's independent problem solving and the way they solve problems in a group or when under an adults supervision.
  • When I was younger I spent a lot of time with my cousins in Florida and when I would hang out with them I would do the things they would do or tell me to do, and it wasmt always the best decision.

Formal Operational Stage (12 and up)

  • In this stage children are able to manipulate things on their own, they can think creatively on their own, and they can also think of the outcome of their actions.

Parenting Styles

  • Authoritarian: The parents are completely controlling of the child.
  • Permissive (Laissez-Faire): the parents don't guide or discipline the child.
  • Authoritative (Democratic): parents hold high expectations for their children
  • My parents use authoritative parenting
  • I honestly don't know which one is best. All three seem stressful to me.

Personal Development

  • Identity vs. Role Confusion (ages 13-18): at this age the child is still trying to find themselves and figure out where they belong
  • Intimacy vs. Isolation (ages 18-30): trying to form relationships and looking for a partner. Asking themselves if they can love
  • These two stages are probably the hardest stages because at this moment you are still a child searching for who you truly are. If you could visit yourself in the future those stages wouldn't be as hard, because you have already found yourself and have started doing what you want with your life. In my identity vs. role confusion stage, I have chaged a lot. I have gotten physically and mentally stronger and have more of an idea all though not completely formed idea of who I am.

  • Generativity vs. stagnatio (Middle adulthood): this is the time when people focus on their work and caring for others and their family.
  • Integrity vs. Despair (65 to and up) : this is a time when elderly people have a reflection on their life. They think about all the things they have done and ask themselves "is it okay to have been me?"
  • When I am older and at this stage I hope to have a good job that I care about and have or soon have a happy family. And I also hope that as I reflect on my life I'm absolutely happy with the decisions I have made, because at one time that is exactly what I wanted. I hope that I will be able to say I lived a great and full life.
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