Sundancer Times

June 29

Hello, Sundancer Families!

Summer is supposed to be a stress-free time to recharge, but I know there is a level of anxiety around what the new school year will look like and how you will make arrangements for your family. As a parent with kids in our schools, believe me--I get it. I am writing this to fill you in on the very little information I have at this point, but I know how important it is for you to have SOMETHING. This situation is fluid and literally changes by the hour, so this is by no means the final word on what is to come. Here's what I can tell you right now:

20-21 Academic Calendar

The board of trustees did approve a year round calendar for YISD for the 20-21 school year (see attached). Basically this is nine weeks of instruction and then two weeks of intersession. The first day for students (regardless of face to face or online platform) will be August 3rd.

Will our kids go back to the building?

As of now, Governor Abbott has approved the opening of schools for the fall. However, parents will be given the choice to keep their child at home to work remotely or send them back for face to face instruction. There has been guidance from Mike Morath, the Commissioner of Education, as to what safety protocol would look like if we are back in the building. #THEDISTRICT is already planning above and beyond what is being asked to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

Please be on the lookout later this week for a survey asking which option you will be selecting. It will have all the information you need about the requirements of each format. You will want to review both options carefully. The remote option will be very different than what was expected in the spring, and face to face won't look exactly like "regular school."

NOTE: This is a very fluid situation. Our district is looking out for the health and safety of kids first and foremost, and any option could be revised at any time.


If you have completed the online enrollment process, the next step is submitting the paper documents (these are the ones we usually send in May with emergency contact, nurse info, etc.). In an effort to minimize the number of people we have interacting in the building, the District is working on a digital format for these documents. As soon as I have the link for that, I will send it. Be on the lookout July 14 or so. You would also scan other needed documents (like your utility bill) into this. As many of us do not have access to a full scanner, I've attached a document with a couple of ways you can scan using your phone. Super easy! We will likely also need some sort of in-person registration for a few of our families (drive thru, perhaps). That is planned for the weeks of July 20 or July 27 as of now. Regardless of face to face or online instruction, all students will need to be fully registered before they are added to any rosters.

District Holiday

You will likely receive information this week from the district about the learning options that will be offered. Please note that the district will be shut down July 3-10 for the July holiday, so staff will not be available to answer your questions until July 13.

#THEDISTRICT will be CLOSED July 3-10

What About Uniforms?

It is important to maintain a high standard for our Sundancers in all formats. Therefore, uniforms will be required when meeting in school or in an online platform.

How About Supplies?

For in school learning, all students will need their own supplies and will be discouraged from sharing with classmates. Therefore, a school box or other storage bin will be needed to hold supplies. We are looking at our current supply list and determining if there are any needed revisions. If you will be in the online format, note that students will still be required to turn in the same work as in-school students (even if it is scanned), so basic supplies will also be needed.

We've Got This!

Parents, this school year will be a challenge. There is no doubt about it. But you have to know that we have a district team working through every scenario to catch any pitfalls there might be. You also have a campus team of some of the best educators around who will take this challenge and elevate instruction and student opportunity to the next level and beyond. While the logistics may be foggy right now, rest assured we are going to take care of our kids no matter what is thrown at us! We've got this! Promise.