Monday Memo

Week #8 October 12

Dates to Note:

Monday, October 12 Middle School Students Fall Trip to Camp Tecumseh

Tuesday, October 13
  • Lower Cook Day
  • Lower Green Team Meeting 10:30-11:30 GFH meeting room
  • Lower Team Meeting @ 3:50-4:30 - GFH meeting room

Wednesday, October 14

  • Newsletter submissions due to Macy
  • Gala Classroom Auction item descriptions due to Nikole

Thursday, October 15

  • Lower Team meeting 2:15-3:00 outside of GFH
  • Dina Emser Event 6:00-7:30 (please RSVP if you are coming!)


Saturday, October 17 ALL FACULTY INSERVICE

Monday, October 19 FALL BREAK - NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, October 20 Upper Students to Merry Lea ALL DAY

Small Hands Orders Due FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16!

Partnering with our Cleaning Crew

Remember - How can we model that "We're all in this together?"

We have been working with our cleaning crew to address some areas where we hope to support clearer expectations and higher standards of cleanliness for our environments. We have presented a list of requests for increased attention to the crew, who have committed to trying to address our concerns. We also received some requests in return that will aide the cleaners in providing top notch service in an efficient manner.

  • Please pick up small area rugs in your classroom and bang them outside for daily cleaning, leave them on top of tables/chairs instead of on the floor.
  • Add small area rugs to your weekly laundering, especially bathroom rugs.
  • Leave cubby areas neat and the floors clear of items. If items are left on floors, the cleaners will collect them in a box or basket.
  • Try to pick up/sweep up pencils etc. from the floor at end of day. Cleaners will collect loose floor items into a box/basket as above.
  • If using Play-Doh or other sticky material, please designate an area and place a plastic mat underneath - or have children remove stuck product from the floor.

Friday & Saturday Inservice Plans

WHERE: Middle School

WHEN: 8:00 - 4:00


  • Packed lunch for Friday
  • Be prepared for a whole faculty picture Friday
  • Notebook & pen/pencil to take notes
  • Water bottle and/or coffee mug for your comfort
  • Lunch will be provided Saturday - meat/cheese tray with sandwich fixings & chips

Acknowledgements from Megan

Hey - Did You Know How Amazing Your Colleagues Are?

Hey - did you know that our very own Jill Hoffelder prepares about 17,000 meals per school year for our hot lunch program. That's a LOT of pasta, pizza wraps and pots to wash!!!

Thank you, Jill, for all of your hard (and delicious) work. No one knows but you how MUCH you do - and we are so grateful.

Faculty Flu Shots

We are offering flu shots to faculty on Tuesday, Oct. 27th from 7:45 am to 8:45 am in the Victorian Farmhouse Conference Room.

If you would like a flu shot, please let Sarah Shanton-Cox know on or before Thursday,Oct. 22nd to ensure that we have enough supply. (We will not be offering the FluMist this year.)

Here's to a healthy and happy school year!

Calling Attendance

During this transition time at the front desk, we ask that attendance be called in to extension 1000 by a teacher. Deadline to call is 10:00 each morning.

We are sorry to take this task away from your students. Thank you for your help with this.

Faculty Childcare for Conferences

Please email Macy by Wednesday, October 21 if you are needing childcare during conferences. If she does not hear from you by that time, there may not be a space available!

After School Clubs - for Fall

Club Forms will go home TOMORROW - Tuesday - for all Kindergarten, Lower & Upper students. (We will send the information to Middle School parents via email since the students are not on campus this week.) Please get these forms to Macy ASAP - either in her mailbox, or via scanning them directly to her from the fancy copiers.

The clubs offered are:

Primary: Soccer Shots

Upper & Middle School: Yearbook - with Macy


Lower: Soccer Shots

Upper & Middle School: GLEE Club - with Tricia


Kindergarten & Lower: Pay it Forward Club - with Macy


Kindergarten & Lower: Chess Club- with a community member

Phones 101 - how to pick up another extension

Did you know you can answer any phone extension you hear ringing without having to RUN to the other phone?! The Admin crew does this daily - here is how:

  1. Push the button that has an X with a circle around it (two buttons above the #2)
  2. Push the number 4 button
  3. Enter the extension that is ringing (wise to keep a cheat sheet close by!)
  4. Answer with a professional voice - "This is Macy at Kelly's Desk how can I help you?"
  5. Easy as that!

If you need help with this, feel free to contact Macy for a hands-on lesson.

Receptionist Position

Megan is currently reviewing applicants and conducting interviews - hopefully there will be a person in Abby's desk soon! Macy, Kelly, Sarah & Lauren will be covering the front desk and are all happy to help you. Abby will still be checking emails, and will forward them on as needed.

Up-Coming Field Trips

Tuesday, October 20: Upper Elementary to Merry Lea all day