Ms. Chandler's Counseling Corner

February 2021

Hello Families,

I hope February will keep you safe and well. This month for K-3rd grade we are learning about our personal space tool. So far, we have learned how to breathe slowly and do some mindful breathing. During our lessons, we’ve talked about when we may need to use our breathing tool (both at school and at home) and who we can teach how to use it!

This month we will learn about personal space and how it can change. We will also learn how to ask for space appropriately. The tools we will continue to learn about are all within each of us & when we understand them and learn how to use them properly, we can use them anytime we need them. Ask your students to show you how to do some deep breathing.

Groups will also be starting this month. I will be sending consent forms home to parents/guardians so their child can participate. If you do not wish for your child to participate, that is fine, too. Our groups will cover conflict resolution, understanding and identifying our emotions, and possibly some academic success.

Relaxed Breathing Training, Version B
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We all have a right to our personal space and the responsibility to give others the same right. Noticing the physical space around us helps to see our own needs and how we may be impacting others. The tool also encompasses intelligence through awareness of our body wisdom: body language, sensations, gestures, position, posture, voice tone, quality, and volume.

A ball of yarn represents the personal space tool because in this lesson, your students will be participating in an activity where they mark their Personal Spaces with yarn.

Personal Space at Home

Ever hear "Mom, get her out of my room!" or " He's touching my stuff!"? The physical space tool addresses the need for clear physical boundaries.

How one stands in line, sits in a chair at a table, and sits on the rug in group are all examples of how personal space affects us.

Talk about what it feels like (emotional discomfort) when personal space is not respected.

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Small Groups in February

  • Groups will be conducted during the students' lunch time. They will have time to eat lunch with me and we will do our lesson for the day, then they will have an opportunity to go to the rest of their recess or stay with me and play games until the bell rings.
  • I am starting in February but would like to continue until the end of April or beginning of May.
  • February for K-4th will be all about understanding and identifying our emotions.
  • February/March for 5th & 6th will be about "Anger Turned Outward & Anger Turned Inward". 5th and 6th will continue into April with "Conflict Resolution"

Jamaica Elementary

If you have any questions or concerns about your student(s), please don't hesitate to reach out to me.