TPCA March Madness

March 9- April 6, 2015

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Traders Point March Madness Is Underway!!

So far we have 3 schools represented in the Traders Point March Madness Tournament — and we have a TIE for 1st place!

1st Place: Butler University & Purdue University

2nd Place: University of Illinois

Is your favorite represented yet? Is it in the lead? (IU fans, where are you?!!!) Send in your basketball and contribution to help make sure it is!


Let’s have fun with March Madness again this year—but with a NEW TWIST!

We are lining the halls with basketballs representing gifts made to Traders Point from MARCH 9—APRIL 6. Decorate your basketball (click here for basketball) with your favorite college team and your NAME. Then return it to school with your gift. No gift is too small, ALL balls will be displayed, and your donation (gift amounts remain anonymous) will be added to the total for your team.

We will keep a running total for each team throughout. Daily results for the “FABULOUS FOUR”, the top four teams of the day, will be posted in the Eagle’s Nest, at EC and on Facebook and Twitter! The WINNING TEAM will be announced on April 6th. The winning team’s school flag will be flown on our flagpole for a week and then displayed in the Eagle’s Nest for the rest of this school year.

Your gift is added to your favorite College Team’s TOTAL. The team with the highest total WINS!

Have Fun and Good Luck!