An Island Country Founded by Lorna Gorski

1. Geography:

The country of Babylon is located in the Indian ocean, 13 degrees south, and 82 degrees east. Below is some of our most treasured places on our island.


Babylon has an Absolute Monarchy government. Babylon's people are very excitable to live in this gorgeous tropical island. It's people are treated fairly and with respect. The people of Babylon have a say in all the leader's sayings. Babylon is a limited country.


Babylon is a capitalism economy. This impacts Babylon by giving it's people more freedom and therefore it brings down the risk of crime. Babylon is still a developing country. therefore Babylon is more poor than larger, greater countrie. Babylon's people are benefited by this because they are all some what wealthy and there is low poverty. The country in agriculture. Some resources Babylon exports are steal,iron, coal, apples , lemons, limes, and corn.