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This week is about Cuba, Venezuela, and Brazil

All about Cuba's government

<------------- To left is Raúl Castro

Cuba has a autocracy type of government, and is a communist country. Its current leader (dictator) is Raúl Castro and has been in charge since 2008. The Dictator stays a dictator until grow old or overthrown by force. One problem qith Cuba's government though is that since it is a communist country, many country's (like the U.S.) have put an embargo or do not trade with Cuba much. This is causing jobs in Cuba to become poor, and the people becoming poor and weak (they are like Germany after WW1.)

Read all about it! Brazil's Economy

Currently Brazil has a Mixed economy that is very successful. Since they are successful and have a high literacy rate of 92.6%, that means they have a high GDP. Their current GDP is $3.116 trillion (in 2015.) Having a high GDP means that you do a lot of trading, so here is some info on Brazil's trading facts. Some of there major trading partners are China, U.S., and Argentina. There major good they export to the U.S is transport equipment, and their major good they import is lots of machinery form China.

Physical Features of Brazil

To the right is Pantanal---------->

Brazil has many physical features. One of big one is the Amazon River, the Amazon Rain forest, and the Amazon Basin. One other really popular physical feature is the Iguaçu Falls (it is part of Brazil and Argentina), and Pantanal. These are all great physical features and you should see them all. One physical feature that I would love to see is the Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro.

Envirmental Problems of Venezuela

To right is beaches in Venezuela because of oil ------>

You may have not known it , but Venezuela has a lot of environmental problems. Most of them is caused by over extraction of resources (oil.) Currently Venezuela is the 5th largest oil producer in the world, and because they are the top producer it means they mine a lot of oil, this is where the problems begin. One of the main reasons of their environmental concerns is oil spills into lakes and water. This is killing many wildlife and is than polluting their drinking water or the water they play in. Another problem in Venezuela is the air pollution of burning of oil is causing acid rain, and other air pollution problems. Though there are solutions to this. First one is prevent the amount of oil extracted and instead invest in a new recyclable (non pollution) product to replace oil. Another thing for the damage that has already been done is plant more trees, clean the beaches and water that have oil in it, and recycle products so the damage doesn't get even worst. Of course there is probably more solutions but here are some amazing ones.

<----- To left is Air pollution in Venezuela

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