The World Series

By Nick Fisk

When was the first World Series, and how did it start?"Baseball Almanac"

The First World Series was in 1903. It started when the league made the AL (American League). It was the Pittsburgh Pirates vs the Boston Pilgrims. The Boston won the Series.
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The highest scoreing World Series, who played? Highlights of the game."World"

It was the the Toronto Blue Jays vs the Philadelphia Phillies,in game 4 the score was 15-14 at the end, that was the score that broke the highest scoreing World Series , in game three the Blue Jays DH (Designated Hitter) Paul Moliton hit a triple for two runs. At the end of all the games the Jays won the series 4-2.
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How many different leagues have there been? "World"

The negro league started in 1920. The negro league is only for African Americans. The league that are present right know are the AL (American League) and the NL (National League). Both leagues have 15 teams.
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When was the longest inning World Series. ""

One of the longest inning World Series was the Chicago White Sox vs. the Houston Astros. It was game 3, 2005.The inning was 14! Another longest inning World Series was The Boston Red Sox vs. the Brooklyn Dodgers. It was game 2, 1916. Inning was 14!
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Is the World Series played in different places? "Wikipedia"

The World Series is played at the 2 teams stadium. So they rotate fields each time. One reason why they switch fields are because, so the fans can watch the team play at their home field. And so each team will have the home team advantage.
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Fun Facts!

*The first World Series was October 1,1903. "Google"

*The Blue Jays are the only MLB team from Canada."Google"

*Jackie Robinson played in the negro league. "My Knowledge"

*Babe Ruth played in one of the longest inning World Series. (1916) "Google"

*They switch stadiums each time. "Wikipedia"

Why I did this topic.

The World Series. I did this topic because my grandma liked to play baseballs when she was my age. So the World Series is baseball. I also like to play baseball and so does my grandma. I also did it because we have it in common.