Fort McMurray Fire

The Most Devastating Natural Wildfire in History

Alberta Wildfire, Read it and Learn!

Bad news, everyone! I hereby announce a tragic but far away story. In a place called Fort McMurray, a fire began to spark, the fire department anticipated the fire and evacuated all the citizens out of Fort McMurray. Nonetheless, the leading cause of the fire is most likely humans. On the contrary, the dry winter killed several, if not many trees. Leaving nothing but a dry husk susceptible to fire.

In this Video, the People are seen evacuating out of Fort McMurray, on Both Sides of the Road, Trees on Fire will be seen, the Smoke cleared up at the end of the Video

Fort McMurray Fire 5 of 6 Front Dash Cam

Further Details About Fort McMurray Fire

When and How it Started.

The fire showed its first sparks one May 2, 2016. The fire was originally thought to be caused by natural events due to the arid weather and lack of precipitation, however, it likely to have man-made causes. The fire was not prevented or extinguished, during that time, the fire expanded rapidly. All it took was from May 2 to May 7 for the conflagration to annihilate half of the trees and houses in Fort McMurray. The fire should have been stopped when it appeared, now, it is unstoppable and may burn down the whole forest.

How Deadly is the Fire?

We do not know. It could kill millions or nobody. I suppose it could bring a few people back to life. Anything is possible with science. In all seriousness, the fire is quite destructive, indeed, the fire burns anything in its path and will remain burning for months before it finally dies off. The fire could spread to kill millions, even though the citizens have evacuated, we cannot be sure the fire will not reach out of Fort McMurray. Scientists predict that by Sunday, this Sunday, it would have reached Saskatchewan. Nonetheless, the fire did not spread as predicted. This just might give us hope in restoring Fort McMurray and returning the evacuated people. Although the fire has decelerated, we cannot guarantee it will cease to exist, the deceleration will only delay the fire from progressing.

We have never seen a fire like this since World War II, or better known as WWI, with the use of various explosives on Japan. Still, a fire like that died decades ago, and subsequently, humanity lost all resistance to its ravages. We were never prepared to protect ourselves from the fire, and nowadays, houses are built with more wood.

How Scared in Ontario Should we Be?

Some where between not at all, and entirely. It will take months before the fire reaches Ontario, in that case, Canada would be destroyed, most of our population is in Canada, and there should be no reasons for tourist to visit Canada afterwards. Indeed, life will be over as we know it.
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What Should we Do, and Who is Doing Something right now.

Well, it is clear what I am going to tell you to do is to donate money to those who are stopping the fire. The emergency response team has forced everyone in the vicinity of Fort McMurray to evacuate. What we are really worried about is what the evacuated will eat and how are will going to give them a life we have. Search your sympathy, you know deep down you would never want to end up like these people. So why not donate. There are a million and one donation areas in the world, but one was truly eminent and that is the Alberta Fires Appeal, they will take your money in order to provide, food, water, clothing and homes for the evacuated and hope one day they will live on succeeding in life.

So tell you what, if you want the grieving families living in desperate need of help to have a truly exceptional life, then why not donate to the Alberta Fires Appeal? You certainly have enough money. Go to:

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What Should Be Done to Suppress the Fire?

All matter of things should be done to stamp out the calamity that suddenly appeared in Fort McMurray, we just need the full effort of all the people in Canada.

If we chop down all the trees around the fire and relocate the wood, it might somehow kill the fire by depriving it of materials to burn. The large forest of trees that surround Fort McMurray has adapted to be an abundant source for the fire to burn. The easiest way to remove the trees will be to bulldoze them out of the way so they will not feed the main fire.

The second solution depends on weather since the fire is so immense, it might not be extinguished by our sources and let us have a rainfall this week. Nevertheless, rain is rare in Fort McMurray, we fear it may take months for us to finally extinguish the fire.

In an ideal world, we may be able to delay the fire will weather patterns such as strong winds to blow the fire back the ground that already has been burnt.

The fourth solution will be to have water bombers drop vast quantities of water to pre-wet vegetation ahead of the fire, because, dropping water directly on the fire is pointless and ineffective.