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We are living in unprecedented times so we will be required to parent and educate in unprecedented ways. With our school being closed for the next 2 weeks, a heightened awareness of the 24-hour news cycle has parents, caregivers, and students in a range of emotions. As parents and educators, we have a duty to bring calm to the chaos; to give facts and teach coping skills that are essential for life.

As a professional school counselor being attuned to the needs of our students is at the core of my mission. I have collected several resources specifically for addressing worry over COVID-19 as well as general resources that can be used anytime. Please feel free to use as needed.

Resources Specific to COVID-19

Counselor Keri's resource specific to COVID-19

BrainPOP Video on COVID-19 and Guiding Questions

NPR Comic to Explain COVID-19 to Children

Child Mind Institute - Guide for Talking to your child about COVID-19

New York Times article - talking to Teens and Tweens about COVID-19

National Association of School Psychologists recommendations for talking to your kids about COVID-19

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration - How to Cope with Stress during Infectious Disease Outbreaks

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Alicia Porras, Ed.S. - Professional School Counselor - Poplar Road Elementary