3rd Grade Newsletter

October 14th, 2016

Important Dates

  • October 17th: Book Fair Starts
  • October 18th: Book Fair Family Night
  • October 22nd: PTA Carnival **The homeroom basket that raised the most money at the auction will win a pizza party for the class!
  • November 8th: You've Been Nanced
  • November 10th: Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night
  • November 11th: Veteran's Day Assembly
  • November 14th, 8am-9am: Awards Assembly

Changes to Eagle Time

As many of you know, we call our tutoring time Eagle Time here at Nance. Our campus recently made the decision to embed this time into our school day to better accommodate our students and their families. This time will be from 7:45- 8:15. If we would like your student in a tutoring group for this month, we will send a separate e-mail out. We have educational activities planned for our students who will not be in our groups this month. There are a variety of options for them and they cover all subjects. We are excited to get this started this coming Monday!


Math: This week students worked in depth with multiplying by twos and fours. This would be a great skill to practice over the weekend. Next week, we will continue to work on these facts and how to use them to solve multiplication word problems. Later in the week we will be working reading time on both analog and digital clocks. The homework sent home at the beginning of the week will be due next Monday, October 24th.

Science: Next week we will be extending and reviewing the concepts covered in the past few weeks to prepare for our first district test in science. It will cover the states of matter and properties of matter.

Reading: We will continue to work on summarizing Judy Moody. We are looking for them to summarize by finding the characters, setting, problem and solution.

Writing: Next week we will be decomposing our beginning of the year writing benchmarks and begin the first steps to revise and edit them. These will be our next SBBB products and we can't wait to see the finished products.

Grammar: We will be doing week 3 in our Grammar Time. We will also be working on adding conjunctions (FANBOYS) to combine sentences. We will also be learning the proofs for our and are.

Spelling: We will be working on week 8- words are in student's binders.

Social Studies- We will be continuing our study on communities with learning about Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt. We will be taking a test on Friday. Study material will be on Facebook Monday.

Reading: We will be finishing up our first fiction book club with Judy Moody by writing a summary. Students will learn the difference between a retell and a summary. Then we will be moving into a non-fiction book clubs and reading about Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt.