The Bad Days

Have you ever had a day when you wanted to die

My Day

So,have you ever had a day when you feel like dyeing? Well that's what my day has been.

  1. My robotics team didn't get the spirit award at a tournament
  2. My team lost pefor we could get in the semi-finals
  3. My brother beats me in a card game
  4. My boyfriend hasn't texted me all day and i texted him about 10 times
But I will stay strong and make it though the day because i have the love of god on my side and I can get though any thing
Greater Kansas City FRC Regional Tournament 2015

This is the tournament that my robotics team went to

To add to all the stress i fell like a have to be a perfect daughter because me mom thinks girls are a pain in the butt and that i shouldn't have two girls but i don't want my girl to go though pain like i did and have to deal with lots of brothers. And since i have a lot of brothers i fell like i have to be big and tough and i have to change what i like to do too get some one to play with.