Plants used for Medicine

By Jon Violaris

Medicine plants are very important to our society. It helps people who are suffering both majorly and minor. Medicines can also cure diseases, infections and pains.

Coca plant

Erythroxylum coca is usually identified as coca plant grows naturally in South America and is the supplier of the drug cocaine. Although cocaine can be sorted in to a drug that can be very addictive. it has also been used responsibly by doctors to treat people that desperately need it. You can chew coca leaves to relieves hunger and tiredness. Coca extracts are used for stomach functioning, causing calmness, and treating asthma, colds, and other illnesses.

Opium Poppy

Papaver somniferum, Opium poppy is a pain-killing drug that is from the undeveloped seed pods of the opium poppy. In 1806, a German scientist used the drug morphine from opium poppy. Morphine is a very supportive drug that relieves pain but is very addictive at most times. Morphine is a lot more powerful than treated opium. Opium is normally dried and used.


Ammi visnaga commonly known as Khella, was used in ancient Egypt to treat kidney stones, It contains a chemical that opens up blood vessels improving the blood flow of the human body. Khellas most active chemicals and dissolve it to make a medicine.

Meadow saffron

Colchicum autumnal commonly known as Meadow saffron is a small plant that contains a chemical called colchicine, which has been used to treat rheumatism and gout. You usually use the bulb and the seeds and mash it up to make medicine.


Rauvolfia, scientific reconised as Rauvolfia serpentina is a little, woody plant that grows in tropical rainforets. It contains a chemical that relieves snake wounds and scorpion stingsand lowers blood pressure. It also contains a chemical that will decrease heart rate and blood pressure. some other names are snakeroot, indian snake root and serpentina snake root.


All of the above plants are used in medical practise. i learnt that different types of medicine treat different types of illnesses.