George Eastman

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childhood and early life. George eastman was born in new york waterville in july 12,1854.In 1911 he was the founder of trust and saving banks.In 1925 George eastman endowed the establishment of the Eastman school of music.In 1931the Eastman clinic opened in front of Neville Chamberlain.He also invinted advanced photography.He did donate 100million$ to various organizations.In march 14,1932 George eastman had a seriuos dissordering in his spine.In March14, 1932 George eastman died by shooting himself in the heart,leaving a note to his freinds that said my work here is done....why wait?

George eastman help our society by....

Number 1,creating advanced photography so pictures look better.

Number 2,donated 100million$ to various organizations.

George eastman

Important events

*George eastman donated 100million$ to various organizations.

*George eastman opened a clinic in front of Neville Chamberlain.

*He endowed the establishmeant Eastman school of music.

Character traits

*busy or public


*hard working