Nursing Administrator

By: Megan Dunstan 8th hour Science

Career Overview

Nursing administrators are registered nurses who manage hospital, educational, clinical, public health, and other health care services. They work with other health administrators and practitioners to determine the nursing services needed by the health care provider or service.

Career Succes

Good classes to take in high school are: Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Foreign Language two year, and Statistics and Probability.

As far as college, You may need a license. You need at least 4 years of college and most have a masters degree.

Education Cost

• University of Minnesota Twin Cities

• $96,360 for four year.

• $13,840 per year.

- Parents Estimations

• Housing can cost a lot it would cost $20,000 for four years.

• Traveling can cost $3,000 for four years.

• While in college food cost could cost around $16,000 for four years.

• Clothing can cost $2,000 for four years.

• Make sure to take loans, scholarships, and financial aid! This will save you a lot of money from scholarships. Many people don't have enough money to pay off college right away so loans are for you!

•Another thing to help pay for your college is to have a part time job. If you have a job you won't have to borrow as much money.

• The total cost is high because you have to pay for four years of college, but many do a masters degree which would make it cost more.

Thoughts about this career

An interview from a with grader didn't want to do this career in the future. They said they didn't have a college near their home. They definetly plan on doing something in the nursing area though because of their family enjoy it and said to try it out! Another thing they didn't like about the job is they might have to work very long hours.


Association of University Programs in Health Administration

American Organization of Nurse Executives

Pros and Cons


1) They like planning health care delivery programs and helping other nurses contribute to the well being of patients and their families.

2) They also feel they have an important job to do in making the public and other health care providers understand and appreciate the skills and expertise of nurses.

3) Nursing administrator can help people.


1) Providing enough staff to work effectively with individual patients is difficult if their operating budget is tight.

2) May work long hours to meet deadlines


So you like watching shows with medical people in it? You could be a part of this! Nursing Administrators work with patients and nursing staff to coordinate their treatment and care. Every once in awhile they schedule, budget, and recruit new nurses. If you wanted you could only do four years, but many do six! You can choose to work in a hospital, clinics, educational and public health facilities! In total you could make up to $137,740! This job is sounding really cool! Before having a job you need to get a Nursing or Health services administration degree and a NCLEX License. Besides all that there is some cons (talking not too happy) I'll share two, you may end up working long hours, starts out at $55,300 which is still a good pay! (Saying happy)