Westward Expansion Native Americans

Samantha Jelley

The Whites wanted to take the Native Americans land and forced them to live somewhere else until they win the battle over the land that has gold in it. But the Natives are not in on the land for the gold they just like the land for where it’s located.

The Whites had wanted the land that the Native Americans have, the Whites had been starting to force the land to be theirs. The reason why the Whites had wanted the Native Americans land is because they have a lot of gold underneath their land. The Native Americans did not care for the gold in their land they had just liked it because they just like the location of where the land was. The Whites wanted the land just so they could be rich and be on top of the world and just leave the Natives down at the bottom like their nothing. They want the Natives to run out of money and also so their population would go down and so their would be nobody of their kind, to keep living on.

The Native Americans had given up with the whole fight between their land so they had just moved on. The Whites had just taken the Natives land and they tore down everything that had been theirs, all of their tepees had been burned so the Natives couldn’t come back to their land so they could take it back. When the Natives moved away from their land they went to go to Canada for another good location. After the couple of days that they have been at Canada they had gotten a message from one of their people by saying “You can not stay here for long, you must leave during the winter, for the winters here are really rough and cold for you to stay here and live outside in your tepees.”

Sitting bull had to take is people to everywhere to find more good land to live on so he and his people had have a good family and food that is appropriate for eating so they will not starve. They had bumped into General Miles and the Native Americans had started to move back to their original land and they had went to the little town to where all of the White people live and where, Charles lives. The Natives always went out on the horse in the cow “pin” and they would go on their horses and start to kill all of the bull that they want to eat so they will not have to starve by not getting themselves any food. The Natives have traveled near and far to look for good land and most of their land that they had wanted to live in, people had just wanted them to just move out and they always have some sort of reason for them not to stay. The Native Americans have always had gold in their land for some reason but they think that whatever land that had gold in it must be a good place to create new families. They were not taking the land with the gold in the ground to be rich they just wanted to take it so they would have family to stay with and have good food, they just want to be sheltered and have a “roof”/tepee over their heads.

My conclusion is that the Native Americans will be able to get back all of their land to build all of their shelter and to have new families. The Whites will soon give up on to getting the Natives land and get all of the gold.


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