Australian Folk Music

Chandler Muth and Tyler Newman

Geographic Location

  • Located in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Australia is its own continent
  • Bordered by Indonesia, the Southern Ocean, and the Corral Sea
Home to the...

  • Uluru " big rock"
  • Mount Kosciuszko
  • Murrumbidgee River
  • And the Great Victoria desert

Folk Instruments

* Bullroarer

* Clap stick

* Claves

* Didgeridoo

* Fair light CMI

* Lager phone

* Modern didgeridoo designs

* Wobble board

Australian Lagerphone

* A generally homemade percussion instrument consisting of crown cap beer bottle tops loosely nailed to a pole (often a broom handle) and a board mounted cross-ways on the pole (the head of the broom).

* Played by striking the pole on the ground or with a stick, by drawing the serrated stick across the pole, or by shaking the instrument.


Australian Clapsticks

Denis Gibbons - The Wild Colonial Boy. (Australian Folk Music)