by: Bree Wenthe

About Christians,and their religion.

Christians,the followers of Christianity,have central teachings of the Sabbath,the Holy Trinity,and the role of Jesus Christ. Christians have sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion.Christians also have worship leaders such as Ministers,Preachers,Priests,and Pastors who preach in a place called church. Christians believe in a holy book called The Bible. Christians have holy days of Christmas and Easter. Christmas is celebrated by Christians because they believe that that is the day that Jesus Christ was born. Easter is celebrated by Christians because they believe that on that day Jesus died and was risen to save them from their sins. Christians have a common Holy Site of Jerusalem where the home of the Church of the Holy Spherical is located.

Common religions figure and view of God. (religions; Christianity,Judaism,and Islam)

1. The religious figure common in all religions (besides God) is Abraham.

2. The view about God,common to all three religions, is the belief in one God. (monotheistic)