Third Grade Buzzzz...

Happenings in Mrs. Paluch's Class!

February 8, 2016

Time for Kids Fundraiser!!

Our school is once again doing this fundraiser in order for every classroom to get a subscription to Time for Kids magazine. Information and materials will come home on Monday. Please return the filled out packets by this Friday!

Please send in donations for our classroom basket for the fun fair. We are making a "Chef" basket so anything that has to do with cooking would be great! Thank you for your donations!

Curriculum Information

ELA- (English/Language Arts)

Unit 2 Module B

Reading Essential Question: How do photographs, illustrations, and details help readers understand text?

Writing Essential Question: How do writers compare and contrast information and ideas?

Focus This Week:

  • We will be finishing up our PBA this week and begin the next module.
  • We will read several texts to see the similarities and differences in different communities all over the world. We will learn how details help readers understand the text.
  • Distinguish the literal and non-literal meanings of words and phrases and how they convey information and ideas.

Foundational Skills: Continue working on contractions


  • Distinguish genres of informative writing: procedural writing, report writing and explanatory writing.
  • Informative/explanatory writing, expressing their own view while providing factual information.


  • Review adverbs

Performance Based Assessment (PBA)

For this assessment students will use what they know about narrative writing to write what might occur after the end of The Year of Miss Agnes.

Students will:

  • Introduce the narrator and characters
  • Include a clear sequence of events
  • Use temporal words and phrases to signal the order of events
  • Use dialogue and character actions that impact the events
  • Provide a conclusion


Lessons this week:

  • Problem Solving- Draw a Diagram
  • Area and Perimeter
  • We will do several hands-on activities with area and perimeter

Homework This Week

Monday 2/8- 13.10

Tuesday 2/9- Area/Perimeter Sheet

Wednesday 2/10- 13.9

Thursday 2/11 Area/Perimeter Sheet


This week we will talk about surface tension. Surface tension causes water to stick together and try to form into a ball. We will see what happens when we put a drop of water, soapy water and salt water on top of a penny.

Social Studies

  • We are learning so much about exploring the great west, pioneers and Daniel Boone! We are extremely lucky to have Mrs. Guseman visit our classroom every Monday. She is a volunteer from the Senior Center who comes to our classroom and shares her knowledge about the past! Last week she dressed up like a pioneer and read a book about Daniel Boone.

Important Dates

  • Feb. 9 - March 1- Chili's Dinner Nights

  • Feb. 11- Jump Rope for Heart

  • Feb. 12- Valentine's Day Party

  • Feb. 12- Donations for our class basket for the Fun Fair Basket Fundraiser due. Our basket theme is "Chef"

  • Feb. 16- Ozzie Reading 2nd Base Due

  • Feb. 19- Fun Fair! 5:30-8:30

  • Feb. 19- 6 Flags Reading Incentive Due

  • Feb. 29- Ozzie Reading 3rd Base Due

  • March 14- Ozzie Reading Home Run! Due

  • Don't forget to send in any old/broken crayons. Home and School is collecting them for a Valentine's Day project!