All About Ants

By Deanna Moundros


Ants are hardworking incests. Ants have to dig a lot,build thier homes,and make sure they get sleep.

Ants have been digging holes for many years.

They work together to make their homes. They work nineteen hours per day. They work and clean thereselves. Older ants take care of little ants. Ants are one of the most important insects in the world.

Ants build their homes underground.

Ants build their homes underground. They take the dirt and make it their ant hill. They work together to build their homes. They dig up more than sixteen billion tons of dirt to fill up three dump trucks. Ants build their homes usually under a rock or a log, which protects the nests. Ants homes have a nursery, a food and storage room, where the queen lays her eggs, and a day nursery. Ants have a guard so nobody can come in. ants have a tunnel digger to dig holes. They have foragers to collect their food to eat. As ants bring up dirt, they recycle nutrients that help plants grow. Ants dig up to 6 inches high and 6inches wide which is 500,000 loads of dirt.

Ants don't get a lot of sleep.

They sleep standing up.They take twohundredfifty naps in one,whitch last one minute per nap. They have less than five hours of sleep every night. Ants are obe of the most strongest animals. On the world.


Ants are hardworking animals.They are great creatures, because they take care of their family and their lives.
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