The ME! Project

By Orlando Simpson

About Me (Orlando Simpson)


  • Full name is Orlando Simpson
  • 15 years of age
  • Born in Mississauga, Ontario
  • Raised in Brampton, Ontario
  • Student at Louise Arbour Secondary school
  • In the 10th grade at Louise Arbour Secondary School
  • Plays Basketball on the school junior team and plays for a rep team outside of school
  • Loves to wear Jordan, Nike, and Adidas
  • Collects basketball and casual shoes
  • Has 3 sisters and one brother
  • Likes to watch NBA basketball games on tv
  • Favorite basketball player is Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavilers

My schooling

  • Treeline Public School from grade 1-3
  • Hewson Public School for half of grade 4
  • Spring Dale Public School for the rest of grade 4 and all of grade 5
  • Sunny view Middle School from grade 6-8
  • Louise arbour Secondary School from grade 9-10 (present)

My Furure

In my hopefully bright future my dream job is a professional basketball player in the NBA. Going to the NBA for me is a 1 in a million chance but i believe if i put in the work, stay out of trouble and focus on my school work i can be that 1 in a million. I have a back up plan if basketball dose not work out for me and that is to take a business course in collage or take a engineering course to become a mechanical engineer or a owner of a business.

My favorite things

  • Favorite food is lasagna
  • I don't have a favorite color i like multiple colors
  • My favorite shoes are Nike and Jordan
  • My favorite video game is NBA2k16
  • My favorite basketball player is Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavilers

Personality test results

Learning Stylez

  • 14% Visual Learner
  • 48%Auditory Learner
  • 38%Kinesthetic Learner

Right or Left Brain

  • Right Brain 53.2%
  • Left Brain 46.8%

Myers briggs

  • Introversion||||||||||||50%