Fast Sam Cool Clyde and Stuff

Author: Walter Dean Myers By: Mickayla Sheets

Book Summary

My book was about this guy moving to 116th street. He didn't think he was going to make any friends. Well it turns out that he becomes friends with a bunch of good people. He becomes friends with Fast Sam, Cool Clyde and Gloria. This group of people come very close to each other in that same year. Then modern science get them into jail, Stuff falls in love and is unfaithful, and Cool Clyde and Fast Sam win the dance contest- almost. They end the book entirely real enough to just stop not leave you hanging.


The scene at the party is a great scene to explain to you because, it kind of tide up everything. The party was about a party, obviously, that gets Carnation Charley in trouble. They actually had to help get Charley out of trouble and actually asked if he wanted to join their trouble group. He said no sadly but they let his take and fight his own battles. At the end they find out that Charley was a drug addict and they couldn't really help him. I chose this chapter because it shows what the Good People are about. The Good People are the group they made for their problems to be solved. In conclusion this scene showed a lot of what that group is and that's why I chose it.