South Putnam Middle/High School

December 2018

From Mr. Schimpf

Hard to imagine, but we are getting close to wrapping up the first semester of the 2018-2019 school year. As you can see from our newsletter, students are accomplishing some great feats and teachers are working diligently to engage interest through various learning experiences. We are so fortunate. As we approach the end of the semester, students may be a little more anxious than normal as semester finals draw near. Please know that we are doing all that we can to make their school experience a positive one, even when it comes down to these high stakes tests.


Wednesday, Dec. 12th, 6pm

1780 U.S. 40

Greencastle, IN

The Counseling Office at South Putnam High School is sponsoring a FAFSA night. This is a great night to ask questions and get some additional help as your students prepare to fill out their FAFSA.

Winter Wonderland 2018

Wednesday, Dec. 12th, 6-8pm

1780 U.S. 40

Greencastle, IN

The South Putnam NHS and Student Council are hosting the first annual Winter Wonderland! There will be many games, holiday themed movies, and treats. Bring your elementary aged kiddos out for a fun night.

RTV 6 Meteorologist visits our 6th graders

Kyle Mounce, a meteorologist from RTV6, visited our 6th grade students to discuss topics on weather, solar eclipses, and why we have seasons. You can also read an article on the Banner Graphic website about his visit.

2018 Football Sectional Champions

Science Express Program

AP Environmental Science students were able to use the Augmented Reality Sandboxes provided by Purdue University through the Science Express program. They used it to replicate topographic maps. There is a sensor to detect the height of the sand and the project projects an image onto the sand accordingly to illustrate mountains or valleys and water.

SPHS FLY Program Kicks Off

The athletic department is excited about our new leadership program, Fostering Leadership in our Youth (FLY). FLY is a group of high school athletes that serve as mentors for the youth in our corporation. Through this experience, our athletes will gain important leadership skills that can be applied after graduating. This program is meant to establish a positive relationship between our high school athletes and elementary school students as well as make a positive impact on the entire community.

7th Graders Build Newton Cars

7th Grade Science students are spending this week building Newton cars. The cars are balloon powered and the students will need to alter the designs to compete in three different categories: the fastest over 5m, stopping the closest to 5m, and traveling the farthest. The big race will be on Monday in the Commons.

FFA Continues to Have Success

The Novice team competed 2 times and placed 1st Place in the first contest and 2nd in their second contest. The team consists of Catherine Hodge (President), Megan Arnold (Vice President), Summer Cohee (Secretary), Allison Bastin (Treasurer), Madie Newby (Reporter), Jackson Hayman (Sentinel), Brodie Carr (Advisor), Aiden Beadles (Committee Chairman), Matthew Williams (Committee Member), Brock Heavin (Committee Member), Julia Gabbard (Committee Member), and Addi Gabbard (Committee Member).

The Senior team also competed 2 times placing 2nd in their first contest and 1st Place in their second contest! The team consists of Eric Hinkle (President), Taylor Montgomery (Vice President), Craig Robinson (Secretary), Dartagnan Neudeck (Treasurer), Garrett Becker (Reporter), Hailee Young (Sentinel), and Andrew Carr (Advisor).

The forestry team consists of Madie Newby, Megan Arnold, Alie Newby, Caroline Hodge, Brianna Meece, Aiden Beadles, Allison Bastin, Selena Kuhlman, Brodie Carr, Keaton Chew, Haylee Romalia, Leslie Brown, Eli Smith, and Jacob Beadles.

Philanthropy Convocation

On Wednesday, November 14, 2018, all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students reported to the cafe for the Philanthropy Convocation. Congratulations to Caroline Hodge and Aiden Beadles for winning this years essay contest.

Nicole Morison Earns Grants

Ms. Morison earned an $1000 grant from the Woodrow Wilson Indiana Teaching Fellowship Foundation for professional development that she used to attend the National Association of Biology Teachers Conference in San Diego, CA. This is an annual national conference targeted for biology and life science educators in middle schools, high schools, and colleges. It will include renowned speakers, workshops, field trips, and sessions with the goals of renewing teacher enthusiasm for classroom teaching, sharing ideas for biology instruction, and networking. She focused on increasing students' science literacy and claim-evidence-reasoning skills, as well as better integrating technology into the classroom.

The second grant was a $5,000 microgrant from the Woodrow Wilson Indiana Teaching Fellowship Foundation that was for my Biology II - Biotechnology class. The funds were used to purchase lab equipment and inquiry-based materials, so that students will draw from her personal experience in conducting genetic research in university laboratories to guide students through the steps of genetic engineering. Students will no longer be limited to just learning science in the abstract, but rather be active participants utilizing procedures and tools under the guidance of a trained professional. With the materials made possible with this grant, she will be able to give her students a rich, authentic research experience, providing exposure to potential career pathways that might have not been previously considered.

Below are pictures of her students doing gel electrophoresis, which is a technique to sort DNA fragments by their size by running them through a Jello-like substance using an electrical current. There is a special green dye that makes the DNA glow green.

Teacher of the Month

Jennifer Perrin teaches high school ELA. She was nominated by the students of South Putnam as the November Teacher of the Month. Congratulations Ms. Perrin!
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November Students of the Month

Noah Couch

Noah is very quiet and always doing something productive. He always walks into my study hall room with a smile on his face and tends to greet everyone he comes in contact with. His positive attitude spreads throughout the room and he seems to make everyone happy.

-Ms. Nichols

Selena Kuhlman

Selena is kind, helpful, and considerate of others, including myself! She brings a positive attitude to class no matter what we are doing. She is a perfect model of behavior to other students! South Putnam is lucky to have such a fine student, and so am I.

-Mrs. Heet

Selena does her best every day, submits great work, and is very helpful in the classroom. She is an overall good citizen.

-Mrs. McConkey

Elisia Hernandez

Elisia is a conscientious student and has an inquisitive mind. She will keep working on something until she gets it and she will help others too.

-Mrs. Bye

Sarah Jones

Sarah is a joy to have in Biology. She can be counted on to have her work done and pay attention in class. She asks thoughtful questions and contributes to class discussion. She runs cross country, cheers, and does a great job of balancing her extracurricular activities and schoolwork.

-Mrs. Hodge

Colin Lundy

Colin printed a skeleton using his 3-D printer for his Anatomy and Physiology project. I was impressed by his initiative and attention to detail. He is a bright student.

-Mrs. Hodge

Sean Todd

Sean has been a joy to have in class and weathered the transition to new teachers in three classes after Fall Break, really well. He marches to his own beat and believes in himself, not really caring what others think but respecting them when their views differ from his. He is a great combination of smart and witty too!

-Mrs. Henry

Trey Long

Trey did an impeccable job at organizing the blood drive this past month. He worked every single day during multiple lunches and even gave up his own lunch to do so. He tracked people down and signed up more than half of the participants in the blood drive. He worked extremely hard and it was very impressive

-Mr. Kinnaird