E. Coli

Food Borne Illness

Can be found in...

Dairy Products


Meat (especially ground beef)

Intestines of people and animals


Prevent It!

Wash your hands before you prepare food for any occasion. Do not eat/drink high risk foods such as ground beef, unpasteurized milk, or soft cheese. Also, when you think you are done cooking, use a food thermometer to make sure the food is above 160 degrees in Fahrenheit. Always wash your hands after touching a livestock or diapering a infant.

Interesting facts about E. Coil

There are about 6 types of E. Coli and they are based on how dangerous it can be. Not all E. Coli are dangerous to human. E. Coli can cause bloody diarrhea and cause kidney failure which can lead to death. There were 11 Nobel prizes that were given out because of the research on E. Coli.