Happy New Year Newsletter

Sharing Best Wishes for 2023

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Happy New Year, Tigers!

I hope that you found time to relax, connect with loved ones, and had time to practice self-compassion - investing in yourself, giving yourself grace, and finding peace.

As we celebrate the beginning of a new year, I wish you the joy of creativity, the happiness of accomplishing new things, and the sheer fondness of living optimistically.

We are excited about the possibilities of continuing our work in helping students get 5-G Ready and wanted to share the schedule for January 3rd, Teacher Work Day.

  • Staff report to work at 8am*DCHS does not have a scheduled faculty meeting January 3rd (DCHS will have a faculty meeting January 10th as noted in the 11/29/22 agenda; Mrs. Ginny Dixon will present Mobile Minds)
  • All DCSS Assistant Principals will attend a TKES Professional Learning Meeting at the central office from 8:30 to 12noon
  • All IRR Paraprofessionals were invited (refer to November 30th communication) to attend either the morning PL session (8am - 11am) or afternoon PL session (12 - 3) at the Murray Educational Center (MEC 4841 Bill Arp Road) titled Special Ed 101. Registrants may find the sign up on MyPDC
  • Biology PLC will meet at 9am
  • Foundations of Algebra will meet at 9:15am in Room 306
  • Science Department will meet with Ms. Butler at 10:30am
  • Algebra II PLC at 10:30am in Room 305
  • Foreign Language Department will meet at 10:30am
  • Social Studies Department will meet at 10:30am in Room 257
  • ELA Department will meet with Mr. Cordell at 11am in Room 9307
  • IB Teachers will meet with Mr. Bennett at 2pm in Room 346
  • Grades are due at 10am
  • January 4th, students will report to advisement to receive 2nd semester schedules
  • Report cards will be distributed January 5th during 1st block
  • Leadership Team Meeting will be held Thursday, January 5th at 3:45 in the Media Center
  • Gentle reminder: complete the Vector Training for Slips/Trips/Falls

January 4, 2023 Students Return to School!!!!!!!

Students will receive their schedules for 2nd semester Wednesday during Advisement. First semester report cards will be printed and distributed to students on Friday, January 5, 2023, during their 1st block class. Both schedules and report card grades can also be accessed online via the Parent Portal.

There will be schedule changes for the first couple of weeks to address student needs.

The high school grading policy should be used to aid you in your communication with parents if the need arises.

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