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One way that really helps my ESL students comprehend my content area is reinforce direction and vocabulary constantly. Since my ESL’s tend to struggle with vocabulary, science can be very difficult for them as we have any complex vocabulary words to learn at this grade level. Also, I use a lot of hands-on experience so they are able to actually manipulate with the assignment instead of just reading about it which is something my ESL's struggle with.

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Since a lot of the confusion for my struggling readers is the vocabulary, I am constantly reinforcing these words every day. These are words that they will see again in the future, so it is extremely important that they comprehend them. I also like to do small group reading. I have found that most of my students tend to participate more if they are in a small group setting when reading. They are more interested in the content and like being able to have some of their group members explain a confusing topic.

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I usually refer to my old science teacher from high school. She is an excellent mentor and is always able to explain difficult concepts to me!

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I am constantly looking back on my TEKS to stay somewhat up-to-date on what my students should know when they leave my class. I also do research online to try and find interesting ways to teach certain topics.

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One way that I try to inspire my students to be interested in science is to repeatedly apply what we learn to the real world! I love to talk about jobs that are available that relate to what we are currently studying. The students really seem to like that, showing them that there are more jobs out there than just teachers, nurses, lawyers, etc.