Walter Mitty's Two Lives

The author's text structure defines Walter Mitty as lacking self-confidence, not having control, and as passive by using daydreams.
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Lacking self-confidence

Real life- He can't doesn't think he is good enough to learn to put chains on tires.

Daydream- He is an expert doctor who save a life.

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No Control

Real life- His wife tells him what to do "why don't you wear your gloves".

Daydream- He tells Lt. Berg to fly into the hurricane and he listens say Walter Mitty is the commander.

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Real life- He allows his wife to tell him what to do, he says nothing.

Daydream- He punches the district attorney when accused.

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Walter Mitty's daydreams show that he is lacking self-confidence and control as well as he is passive.