Adaptation PBL

By Arianna Robinson

Dear Director

Hello, I think you should chose my consmer and my producer for your movie. Here are my living things from Rania.

The rain the and acid are my favorite in Rania because if intruders try to come and kill the animals, they will have to get through the acid and rain first.

I think the most impronant condition my animals adapt to is the acid in Rania because they can be safe if they fall into the pool.

My favorite adaptations my producer (Bloomi) has is her Fire Spread, the Fire Form, and the Attract. I like these adaptations beacuase it is her way of protecting herself.

My favorite adaptations for my producer, (Sharpfanga) is her Tail Shoot, Shirnk and get Big spikes, and the CamoMimic. I like these adaptations because Sharpfanga can try to protect her family.

I think the movie director should pick my oraganisms because it put a lot of action into the movie, and make it good.

This is Sharpfanga, she is a dangerous animal.

Along with Bloomi, she is a angry flower.

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Animals in Raina. We all have questions about their adaptations. Like Sunma, Bloomi, Sharpfanga, and the Flying Bunny.

My two plants are Bloomi and Sunma. Bloomi is a fire flower, but all the fire goes out quickly because of the rain, unless it is in shade without any rain falling. Bloomi has poision petals that attract animals. Once they eat it, they burn like a volcano with the sun combine! The poison lasts for 15 seconds, though. Sunma is a healing plant for plants. Since there is barely sun in Raina, Sunma has a solution. Sunma can spread sunlight into the soil to nearby plants that feel soaked up.The sun light only lasts for 5 days, so use the sunlight wisely.

My two consumers are Sharpfanga and Flying Bunny. Sharpfanga is a dangerous animal with tough adaptations.She can shoot out sharp posion spikes from her tail. She can also shrink or get bigger from the spikes of her legs. Sharpfanga also has night vision eyes, which can help her see emimies in the rain. Her fur can cool her down from the humid, and can warm her from the rain (if it`s cold). Sharpfanga has big wings and either lives in a big tree, or a big den. She also has this really cool adaptation that can make her shape-shift, or she can camoflauge in dark places. Flying Bunny, the friend of Sharpfanga. Flying Bunny does not have that much adaptations, but it only has three. Sharp claws, night vision eyes and wings. Adaptations are everywhere in Rainia! My consumers and producers all have adaptations!