Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


He was born on February 27,1807 and died on March 24,1882.He wrote the "Paul Revere's Ride""The Song of Hiawatha" &"Evangeline".His works was very good it got recited in classrooms, etc.


Something the heart must have to cherish,
Must love and joy and sorrow learn,
Something with passion clasp, or perish,
And in itself to ashes burn.

So to this child my heart is clinging,
And its frank eyes, with look intense,
Me from a world of sin are bringing
Back to a world of innocence.

Disdain must thou endure for ever;
Strong may thy heart in danger be!
Thou shalt not fail! but ah, be never
False as thy father was to me.

Never will I forsake thee, faithless,
And thou thy mother ne'er forsake,
Until her lips are white and breathless,
Until in death her eyes shall break.


T-I think that its going to be about someone who is abandoned.
P-It says that the heart should cherish its self and that a mother would never abandon a child of hers.