Micheal Jackson


The start of his career

Micheal Jackson was born in 1958 in Gary, Indiana.He became the lead singer of the Jackson 5 then went to solo so the first album was "off the wall", "thriller" and "bad" when he went apart from the Jackson 5.Micheal Jackson was known for "the king of pop" then was dogged by allegations of child molestation in his later years and died trying to have a launching comeback in 2009.

Pepsi, 'Bad' and Neverland

Micheal Jackson was giving million endorsement deal with Pepsi Co in 1983 however Micheal Jackson was badly injured while filming the giant soda commercial in 1984.Micheal Jackson had suffering burns to the scalp and face then after his surgery's to repair his injuries is believed to have plastic surgery around this time. His face, especially his nose, would be altered in the coming years.

After the death

the Jackson's family members sought up to 1.5 billion an estimation of what Michael Jackson could have earned to that point. But in October 2013 the jury determined that AEG wasn't responsible for Micheal Jackson's death