Morgan T Davis

From Discovery High School

About Me

My name is Morgan Taylor Davis. I am 17 years old, born and raised in Hickory NC. I have lived in Hickory all my life. I have only left the United States once when I went to the Bahamas. I enjoy life, love my family, and am grateful for what I have.

My Family

Music, Band, and Drawing

Writing Stories

Writing is one of my hobbies I do in my free time. I mainly write horror stories, but I also like to touch on some other genres such as romance, fanfiction, mystery, and action. I plan to be an author one day, maybe if I retire or something and hope to become the next Stephen King of horror.


My dad has introduced me to science all my life and has made it interesting to me. All science matters to me, and the one science that I find most intriguing is chemical engineering. Thinking about it a lot, chemical engineering is all around us and everything is based on it We are made of chemicals, the energy that makes a fire going, and the energy that keeps a car running is all based on chemical engineering. There are many things that this world still holds that research, and I am so fascinated by all of it. It is also one of the subjects I am considering majoring in during college.