News from Room 15

O2K Class

February 16-26, 2016

Dear Families,

Our Valentine's party was a lot of fun last week! We will be returning to our unit on bodies. We will be focusing on emotions this week and five senses next week. These topics are always a lot of fun. Some of my favorite activities are using puppets to express feelings, painting with colors to express emotions, guessing smells and sounds, exploring senses with popcorn, and experiencing the four tastes.

  • Thank you to everyone who sent in valentines and helped with our parties - the day was really special.
  • Please follow this link to sign up for parent teacher conferences.
  • Pajamas days are next week. Join us in wearing pajamas to school. We will also be collecting donations for the American Diabetes Association.

Have a great week!

~ Ms. Jackie, Mrs. Joyce, Mrs. Patrice

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Theme and Stories We Will Share


Five Senses

The Way I Feel by Janan Cain

My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss

Me and My Five Senses by Joan Sweeney

My Five Senses by Aliki

Forest Friends' Five Senses by Cristina Garelli

Learning Objectives

We will know the name and sound for the letters Aa and Vv. (literacy)

We will be able to write the letters Aa and Vv. (literacy)

We will be able to segment the sounds in a word. (literacy)

We will understand why words rhyme. (literacy)

We will understand the purpose for writing. (literacy)

We will be able to compose sentences. (literacy)

We will be able to follow concepts of writing. (literacy)

We will know how letters are formed. (literacy)

We will understand the concepts of more/less when counting. (math)

We will be able to put numbers in order up to 10. (math)

We will understand how to be safe, kind, and responsible during indoor recess. (PBS)

We will know ways to calm ourselves and practice self-control. (PBS)

We will know vocabulary for feelings and five senses.

We will understand different feelings.

We will explore with our senses.

Activities for Home

  • Practice writing letters on dry erase boards or chalkboards. Roll letters out of playdough.
  • Ask your child to describe how things smell, taste, sound, feel, or look. Put out times that you are using more than one sense.
  • Point out capital letters at the beginning of sentences and period at the end when reading a book.
  • Talk about feelings and what might make you feel that way. Ex - "What makes you feel mad?" or "How do you feel when you play with mommy and daddy?"

Duckling Dates

  • Wednesday, February 10th - Valentine's Day Parties
  • Wednesday, February 10th - Book Orders Due
  • Friday, February 12th - NO School - Professional Development Day
  • Monday, February 15th - NO School - President's Day
  • Friday, February 19th - Duckling Dance sponsored by the Hackmann Action Team
  • February 23rd & 24th - Self-Control guidance lesson with Mrs. Beth
  • February 23rd & 24th - Pajamas for Diabetes Days (more info to come)
  • Friday, March 4th - NO PM Classes - Records Day
  • March 7th-11th - Duckling Days - wear duckling shirts or blue and yellow.

Class Goal

Our class goal for third quarter is reciting the alphabet.

Simon's Schedule

February 19-21: Lucia D.

February 26-28: Beau H.

March 11-13: Ava M.

Contact Information

Hackmann Office: 636-851-6200