The White Rose

A Lesson in Dissent


The White Rose is a group of University students, mainly founded by Hans and Sophie Scholl, who all saw differently in Hitlers' ways. Instead of standing around and doing nothing, they built the organization and began leaving leaflets around their school and leaving signs that people should fight back. The White Rose are an honable group who wanted to make a change by standing up to others even thought they knew the concequenes if they were caught. They never gave up and everyone remembers them to this day.


Hans and Sophie Scholl are the main focus on the organization. Before the White Rose saw the good in the Jews, they eagerly joined the Hitler's' Young. There father, Robert Scholl, thought otherwise. He believed the Nazis were bring there country down to destruction. Soon, the two siblings began to realize their father was right. They came to a decision, to stand up against evil deeds and save those from Hitler's ways.

Founding Leaders

The main founding leaders of the White Rose are Hans and Sophie Scholl and Christoph Probst. There are other important to the organization such as Alexander Schmorell, Willi Graf, and there psychology professor, Kurt Huber. They all had the same thoughts and began displaying leaflets around their university, convincing the other German students that the Nazis had turned evil and begged them to make copies around the school. They ideas lasted for a few months before they ended up getting caught.

Long Live Freedom

Hans and Sophie Scholl were soon caught one day hanging leaflets around the school and were arrested. Christoph Probst, was soon also arrested as the Gestapo found out he was helping in the activites. Their trial started four days later after their arrest and a presding judge wrote they were to be trialed to death. Everyone was surprised that they were sent to death because they grew up as good kids and even joined the Hiter Youth program. They were also surprised that they didnt show a single emotion. Hans was the last to be beheaded and the last words he shouted out were, "Long Live Freedom!"

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Sydney Arnold