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The First 30 Days-From A Former Principal (Me!)

The First 30 Days. I don't mean of school; I do mean with some of your new employees. Think about who is new on your campus – it could be someone on your office team, a teacher, or an instructional assistant. Research tells us that employees are more open to feedback in the first 30 days than any other time of their employment. Research also tells us that this is the most effective time to give feedback before habits are formed. Both parties (supervisor and employee) are trying to decide what the expectations really are on the campus. They are determining what are the unwritten rules and true expectations for behavior and priorities.

I challenge you to think about your new team members. Who are the people around them, influencing them the most? What patterns, good or bad, might they be picking up and implementing? A powerful tool in your belt is to use the first 30 days to clarify your expectations.

During the first 30 days, feedback is simply clarifying expectations. It might be a statement such as "At Springer we speak respectfully to kids." or "At Hartman our expectation is this..." etc. After the first 30 days, you put yourself in a position where you are correcting behavior which is much more difficult.

I found as a leader that setting this habit helped me form more habits of giving good feedback – one of the most important jobs of a supervisor. Do it now! The dividends are worth it!

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September 2nd Principals meeting

September 8th-Board work session (Not required to attend)

September 11th, RHHS and RHS games at AT&T stadium

September 16th-Early Release-(Campus Led)

September 21-Board meeting-(Those with BEST teachers need to attend)

September 23rd-Principal's meeting

September 30th-FAIR DAY!

October 1st -Self-Assessment and T-PESS goals due (we will complete together at Prin meeting)

October 5-Board work session (Not required to attend)

October 19-Board meeting (Required attendance)