Social Workers

By: Kiara-Ann Davis

What do they do?

  • Help people solve problems in their everyday lived.
  • They check up on their clients to make sure everything is okay with them.
  • Come up with ideas to better their clients' life.
  • Help their clients through their crisis situations.


  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Child Welfare Facilities
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities

How Do You Become A Social Worker?

A specific degree isnt required to become a social worker. Any degree that is have will be acceptable. But, some of the recommended courses that you should have took while getting your dgree if you wanted to become a social worker should have been psychology, sociology, political science, and economics.


The averge pay for a social worker is $44,200. But, the estimated pay for the future is $144,100.

Job Outlook

This career does a lot of things for you, such as:

  • Strengthens parenting skills
  • prevent child abuse
  • identifies alternative homes for children who are not able to live with their biological families.

Similar Occupations

  • Mental Health Counselor
  • Family Therapist
  • School Counselor
  • Psychologist