My Tour Guide Project

by: Yocelinee Mercado

Day One: Germany

As you can see Germany lies in the center of Europe and shares borders with 9 countries.
Today Germany has a soziale Marktwirtschaft ," or "social market economy.
The president of Germany of 2014 is Joachim Gauck.

Population Of Germany

82 million people live in Germany (2012)

Germany's Flag

The flag has 3 different colors as you can see on the right side there is a picture of it. One is black the 2nd color is red and 3rd is yellow.


Economic: The type of economy Cuba has is called Free Market

Facts:Cuba is very famous for their tobacco which is used in the making of hand-crafted cigars that are famous for being the best cigars in the entire world. Cuba also is know for sugar from sugar cane is the main crop grown in Cuba.

Cuba's flag

the Cuba flag is blue and white strips with a triangle on the far left and in side the triangle their is a star.

Day: #3 peru

Peru has a free market economic

Facts: Peru exports cotton and fish, gold, lead but also imports machinery, petroleum and transport equipment and other things.

Peru's Flag

Peru's flag is red and white straps with a symbol in the middle.

Did You Know?

Peru grows more than 50 varieties of corn, and you can just about find it in any color including like yellow, purple, white and black.