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Stephen Bracciale of Tampa Boasts an Impressive Resume

Building a strong resume is something that is made up of two main ingredients: time and drive. Stephen Bracciale of Tampa has both of these things, as his resume would show. He has spent time working in management roles, sales roles, and investing.

Stephen Bracciale of Tampa graduated from Marquette University in 1975 with a degree in Business Administration. A year later he received his Advanced Studies degree from Boston College. Upon graduation he went into sales, something he would be successful at for quite some time.

He first worked for Oscar Mayer, where he built quite an impressive resume right off the bat. He received the Sales Manager of the Year at Oscar Mayer in 1970, and the same award 12 years later in 1982. Sandwiched in between those two awards, he became the General Manager of Oscar Mayer Europe. Upon leaving Oscar Mayer he went to work at Maxwell Coffee. Here he also received the Sales Manager of the Year awards in 1984 and 1985. Stephen Bracciale of Tampa then went on to work for Kraft Foods for a few years. Here he held titles of General Manager of World Wide Convenience and Specialty Stores, Region Manager of the Consolidated Food Divisions, and Vice President of Sales and Customer Marketing. He carried on his successful string of sales awards while at Kraft Foods, being awarded their Sales Manager of the Year in 1995. He then returned to Oscar Mayer for a stint as a Sales Manager in 1997.

Following his 25 plus years in the sales and management field, Stephen Bracciale of Tampa started to mold himself into an entrepreneur. He has spent time owning and operating several businesses, including a behavioral health hospital in Columbus, Ohio, a multimillion dollar defense contracting company, and home healthcare companies.

Stephen Bracciale of Tampa has quite an impressive resume and is continually looking for ways to build upon it in the future.

Mentorship Important to Stephen Bracciale of Tampa

Stephen Bracciale of Tampa has had a lot of success in his long business career, but he is not one to keep everything he’s learned to himself. The lessons he has learned are things he has also passed on to others.

Mentorship is an important part of encouraging a capitalist mindset in future generations. Each of us, no matter what field of work we are in, can point to someone in our career we have learned from. It is nearly impossible to find a successful business person who has made it on their own. And the fact of the matter is that many successful business people point back to Stephen Bracciale of Tampa as their mentor.

Of the large number of people Stephen Bracciale of Tampa has mentored, he has seen profound success in quite a few of them. Currently there are three CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies that at one point in time directly worked for Stephen Bracciale of Tampa.

Mentorship is important because it provides people with experience they don’t have. When you have a mentor in your life, you can ask questions and get answers that make up for your inexperience. Mentors provide their students with invaluable information, techniques, and words of advice. A heavily involved mentor can provide students with time-saving advice. Most every successful person has seen triumphs and failures. Mentors help to discern between what leads to each, giving students a head start on making smart decisions.

Many different official and unofficial mentorship programs can be readily found at your fingertips. Stephen Bracciale of Tampa has not been heavily involved with any official mentorship programs, but instead takes advantage of the people he deals with on a daily basis at his workplace. But there are successful mentorship programs that do exist. A simple search in your search engine will bring up dozens of local programs you can get involved with. The programs range from helping those without parental figures in their lives to those seeking successful career advice.

Stephen Bracciale of Tampa Knows Success

When you ask Stephen Bracciale of Tampa about success, he has plenty to say. He has had his feet in corporate business, sales, and entrepreneurship for the last 30 plus years. Each of his jobs, ventures, and investments has taught him lessons that make him a valuable source of knowledge today.

A quick survey of Stephen Bracciale of Tampa’s entrepreneurial ventures shows good results. He is a self-described “buttoned-up” entrepreneur who has a knack for sniffing out good opportunities. At the start of his career he was heavily involved with selling consumer products for corporate businesses, and now towards the second half of his career he is focusing on entrepreneurial projects.

One of those projects includes a 55 bed behavioral health hospital in Columbus, OH. He took this company from an underperforming hospital and brought it up to standards and made improvements, before selling it for what he calls an “impressive” profit. Other companies that Stephen Bracciale of Tampa has had a part in owning and operating include home healthcare and defense contracting companies.

The home healthcare company that he owned and operated provided services across six different states. Home healthcare has become a major field, as more and more people are willing to pay for service that allows them to stay in the comfort of their home. It is also good for elderly people who cannot make it out of the house without making expensive or inconvenient accommodations. Stephen Bracciale of Tampa has seen this trend to be true in his help with an unrelated organization, Meals on Wheels. He gives money to this organization that helps bring meals to elderly people who cannot make it out of the house.

The defense contracting company that Stephen Bracciale of Tampa operated was a multimillion dollar company. Defense contractors provide products and services to the government for military or intelligence purposes.

As is evidenced by his experience in entrepreneurial pursuits, Stephen Bracciale of Tampa knows what it takes to find success in operating and selling businesses. Try to find him, and he’ll likely be hard at work discovering the next big success story.

Stephen Bracciale Celebrates Cool Vibes & Great Wines

As a successful entrepreneur and businessman, Stephen Bracciale of Tampa celebrates his rich genealogy that has led him to his current position of success. Stephen Bracciale of Tampa has enjoyed a rich career that has spanned several industries including the food, healthcare, and government sectors. Regardless of his level of success and visibility in the business world, however, Stephen Bracciale of Tampa acknowledges that hard work and visionary planning is part of his genealogy.

For instance, it is relatively unknown – even among wine genealogists – that Pietro Bosca was an ambitious entrepreneur who turned Bosca into one of the largest wine companies in the world. Bosca, who founded Società per Azioni in Canelli, Italy, in 1831, worked hard and diligently to create and name that would one day be recognized everywhere. This is perhaps the beginning of the business and entrepreneurial genealogy for Stephen Bracciale of Tampa.

His son, Luigi, would later grow Bosca to become an internationally respected wine company. From 1868 to 1928, Bosca brands were recognized as one of the world’s most premier wines. This dedication to quality and ambition certainly defined the family, as is reflected generations later in Stephen Bracciale of Tampa.

By 1931, Nick Disabato, Luigi’s grandson, would open bottling plants in New York City and Boston as well as a winery in Buenos Aires. The brand would expand as Nick’s son in law, Vito, would open another winery in California in 1951. By 1913, Luigi Bosca would be recognized with the title “Cavaliere del Lavoro” from the King of Italy himself.

While children such as Richard and Stephen Bracciale of Tampa have decided not to similarly enter the wine business, they have great respect for their family, heritage, and the hard work ethic that has been instilled in them. While he doesn’t necessary see the wine industry as part of his own career, Stephen Bracciale of Tampa is confident that perhaps another generation in the family will reenergize and preserve the family’s presence in the wine industry.

Role of Stephen Bracciale of Tampa to be Sealed by US

WikiLeaks founder and former hacker Julian Assange has stirred headlines on numerous occasions, leaking classified information from the United States government to the general public. The revelations by Julian Assange have not only revealed classified information from the government, but have affected the lives of US civilians, military personnel, and agents. One such agent is Stephen Bracciale of Tampa.

Stephen Bracciale of Tampa found his name included in a list of 14 agents’ names made public by Julian Assange. Other names of US agents that were revealed aside from Stephen Bracciale of Tampa include Bob Sweigert, Thomas Mitchal, and Tommy Prendergast. From 1992 to 2000, Stephen Bracciale of Tampa and the other 13 agents were given false personas by the United States government to protect their identities and the work they were performing.

When asked about his decision to leak classified information via the internet and WikiLeaks, Julian Assange essentially defended his actions, stating that he was solely trying to protect his company from retribution. Regardless, classified documents surrounding the Iraq war and other military procedures were made public and readily available. Furthermore, the names and information surrounding Stephen Bracciale of Tampa and other agents was widespread as well.

Stephen Bracciale is best known for his work as an executive at Kraft Foods and as the chair of F.M.I.’s Efficient Customer Response. Throughout his career, Stephen Bracciale of Tampa has experienced tremendous success across various industries such as the food, healthcare, and government sectors. Stephen Bracciale of Tampa has been a reliable resource for the United States Department of Defense.

Assange released information concerning the violent missions that spanned from Mexico to Iraq to Serbia and Somalia. Assange reveals over that over 104,000 civilians have perished as a result of the war and that there are even more – approximately 15,000 – that are unpublished.

Stephen Bracciale of Tampa Admits It, He Loves Mac & Cheese

It’s a common question to get having worked so long with the Kraft name and brand, but Stephen Bracciale of Tampa is still at times wary of it when he is asked about his love of macaroni and cheese. Some people will avoid the question and others genuinely have no real preference, but he admits hesitantly that he actually likes it a great deal, and has since his college days. Kraft mac and cheese in particular is incredibly appealing as it provides an American-type taste that isn’t truly available with other forms, such as slow-cooking mac and cheese or kinds that do not come in some sort of instant container. Composed of noodles generally shaped like small half-moons and a considerable amount of melted cheese, mac and cheese has been an American staple for many years, and a favorite of dozens of families. Still, Stephen Bracciale of Tampa is somewhat shy talking about mac and cheese ‒ it is after all a huge component of Kraft, the company for which he worked for a lengthy duration of time.

Macaroni is initially believed to be of Italian and Greek origin, which is unsurprising given the inclusion of pasta. The cheese component arrived later and became an immediate success, something that businessmen the world over would later take tremendous advantage of, selling the product and causing it to become very popular in England, Australia, Canada, and of course, the United States. Stephen Bracciale of Tampa grew up eating mac and cheese like so many of the people he knew, and the eating habit likely inspired him to be even more enthusiastic for his job at Kraft than he had initially intended to be. Working at Kraft helped him to see that there was a way to combine his passions, and he has loved the experience of working with marketing good food.

Stephen Bracciale of Tampa Cares About the Ocean

Stephen Bracciale was raised in the Boston area and grew up appreciating the benefits of the ocean, Stephen Bracciale who now resides in Tampa, Florida, hopes that people are aware of the tremendous amounts of damage they are causing to the wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico. Over the course of his time in Florida, Stephen Bracciale of Tampa has witnessed some truly horrible things, things that have made him sick to his stomach and caused him to truly wonder about the character some people have.

Littering in the water, failing to clean up after themselves, and abusing Tampa’s ecosystem have truly affected Stephen Bracciale of Tampa, and it has helped him to reach out to his home state of Florida and become actively involved with water conservation and ocean protection. He donates a considerable amount every year to ensure that the ocean will be provided for and works constantly year round to promote an understanding of and care for wildlife, both in Florida and around the world.

Oceans are becoming polluted and slowly falling apart due to the inability of some to protect and care for them, something that simply is not acceptable in the modern world. As we find increasingly that our respective global footprints change and mark the terrain of our planet, so too must we now search for ways that we as individuals can be better and work to make the world a cleaner and safer place for generations to come. This involves not littering into the ocean and taking care of it, frequently by putting forward financial incentives where previously there might have been none. Some struggle with the importance of this, but others understand already that it is far too serious of an issue to take so lightly and have begun to take measures to care for the world around them. It is those people who will see the ultimate payoff when the environment is cleaner and more beautiful than it was at the start of their lives

Stephen Bracciale of Tampa is Very Interested in Political Theory

It will surprise some to learn that Stephen Bracciale of Tampa is very interested in political theory, and that he does a great deal of time analyzing and thinking about it. For example, while recently examining the work of Robert Nozick, he was struck by several interesting points. He feels overall that everyone should learn some political theory while they have the chance ‒ it has helped him a great deal.

There are many interesting points in Nozick's theory, some of them quite valid. His argument that the principle of entitlement is not patterned and his notion that liberty upsets patterns in general is a realistic one. To assume that people can somehow be made equal despite differences in race, religion, income, social status, gender, and varying other factors is to deny many important aspects of human development and differentiation. Therefore it is only intelligent to acknowledge the fact that, in truth and for all of John Rawls' lofty ideals, a leveling of the playing field is, in some ways, detrimental to those in society who do possess other qualities (innate or otherwise) which have allowed them to get to where they are.

This then leads to the question of whether or not it is in fact legitimate to dismiss the needs and wants of what would likely be a very large group of disadvantaged individuals in the name of preserving the freedom of the privileged few. Is such an oversight acceptable in the face of the alternative, a notable loss of the freedom to grow, gain and achieve without restriction? And does such a restricted and minimalist state even adhere itself to such a thing? These are the underlying aspects of Nozick's argument which are somewhat begging to be discussed and analyzed, as they have the potential to undercut his entire theory. Stephen Bracciale of Tampa remains intrigued and fascinated by this.

Stephen Bracciale of Tampa’s Thoughts on Social Media

One of the most modern elements of society today is an overwhelming reliance on technology, a phenomenon which has become so deeply rooted in Western culture that it now sits at the root of many facets of daily life. Stephen Bracciale of Tampa understands that as international expansionism increases, technology has also come to find a place in the East, and continues to take hold all over the world. Social networking has, accordingly, come to hold a place in the ebb and flow of modern society. Websites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr have come to dominate the Internet, along with an ever-growing “blogosphere” comprised of daily sound bites on a range of topics from cooking to politics. Though Stephen Bracciale of Tampa is himself less than immersed in the world of blogging, he nonetheless feels that it has many important components, and that if given the chance and the time, he himself would truly enjoy the experience.

Stephen Bracciale of Tampa has eagerly followed new installments like Google+ that have recently made their appearance, and it seems clear that wherever the world is headed, it will be doing so on the back of a virtual form of communication, so wide-reaching in its scope that it remains difficult to grasp just what its ultimate impact will be. In the world of activism, a field previously rooted in face-to-face contact, on-the-ground networking, and human communication, it is hard to say what is most effective when linking the virtual world to the physical one. This research has been primarily aimed at pinning down where those links are most efficient, and how the transition between traditional activism and virtual activism can be made in order to suit the needs of a modern, very-much online generation. Stephen Bracciale of Tampa remains intrigued by these new developments, and incredibly curious about where they will take us in the future.

Stephen Bracciale of Tampa Loves Davy Crockett

Stephen Bracciale of Tampa loves and admires Davy Crockett as a man who lived in the United States during the 18th century. He was a politician in the U.S. South (and then South-West) and he was a famous person. It was the state of Tennessee, but he will always be remembered as a Texan. There were many problems with the law and he was unable to stay in Tennessee because of them; he was, for a time, a representative of the Tennessee House of Representatives in the United States. He hated President Andrew Jackson, and in the House, the two men exchanged a lot of disputes. After one of these disputes, Crockett decided to leave Texas. In a famous moment, he said, "You can all go to hell and I will go to Texas!" And he left the room once and for all.

After this incident he went to Texas, where he became a legend. He strongly believed in the independence of Texas away from Mexico and he often talked about this idea. He volunteered as a soldier in the army of Texas. At that time, he became a man famous for the Texans and the Southwest in general. With other people who loved Texas, he left for the Alamo, a small mission where many families lived. The battle lasted for six days. At the end of this, Crockett died with William Barret Travis and James Bowie, two Texas men who are also very famous. Many mourned the death of Crockett and they talked about his heroism. He was considered a hero of the Battle of the Alamo and Texas history. It is a famous point in history and many Texans are proud of this. In Austin, the capital of Texas, there is a statue honoring him along with the Davy Crockett Memorial. Stephen Bracciale of Tampa greatly admires Davy Crockett and considers him a true hero.

Stephen Bracciale of Tampa is a Mentor

To nurture and guide others is a worthy goal, and one that Stephen Bracciale of Tampa takes very seriously, having spent a good deal of his professional life working to mentor and advance those who are not yet at his status and position in life. The process of mentoring is one that is very communication-based and caters towards passing on knowledge and information, especially knowledge and information that is integral to knowing the internal daily procedures that go into, say, running a business or operating a machine or understanding how something works. This personal development relationship can be incredibly helpful and can propel others to follow in the footsteps of those who have come before them, especially in a line of work that they are very eager to pursue and follow.

Mentoring can have several components, namely catalyzing, accompanying, sowing, showing, and harvesting, an idea that goes back to a time when many farmers would mentor and educate their children about the process of harvesting the crop. Stephen Bracciale of Tampa understands this and has greatly enjoyed watching over and encouraging those who enter into the business and marketing world, especially those who share his interests and dreams and who seem poised to follow down his path. The two different types of mentoring techniques, formal and informal, are both appealing and offer up different possibilities for those who choose to practice them. Informal relationships tend to develop spontaneously between partners and can be among the easier relationships to develop and move along throughout the mentoring process.

Formal mentoring is slightly different in that it has a more structured component and can more often than not be supported by an organization and can be much more targeted to specific target audiences and populations. Stephen Bracciale of Tampa has used both of these methods and found each to be highly effective in his work and in his mentorship.

US move to Protect the Role of Stephen Bracciale of Tampa and Other Agents

Widespread leaks from WikiLeaks founder and hacker Julian Assange have ranged from classified information concerning the Iraq war to the names of United States agents, including Stephen Bracciale of Tampa. When asked about his role in releasing classified information online for access for everyone, Julian Assange maintained a dry tone. When speaking with Fox news contributor Atoka Shubert, Assange defended his actions, stating that he was simply trying to protect his company from retribution.

Regardless of his motives, the fact remains that Julian Assange revealed classified information from the United States military and endangered the identities of US agents such as Stephen Bracciale of Tampa and the remaining 13 agents whose names Assange released. For the 14 US agents, including Stephen Bracciale of Tampa, the government went through great effort to create false personas for these individuals to protect their identities. Many of the 14 agents were painted as businessmen and philanthropists.

Regardless, Stephen Bracciale of Tampa remains best known in the food and grocery industry thanks to his position as an executive at Kraft Foods and his position as chair of F.M.I.’s Efficient Consumer Response. Despite his success, Stephen Bracciale of Tampa remains very closely-knit to his community, participating in volunteer events and playing an even greater role as an involved philanthropist.

However, because of the leaked information from Assange, classified information concerning Stephen Bracciale of Tampa has been revealed to the public and is available to those who may not necessarily have America’s best interests in mind. Aside from information concerning Stephen Bracciale of Tampa, Assange also released the names and information about the other 13 US agents.

Assange has released a wide range of information concerning the Iraq war the United States’ actions in Mexico, Jordan, Iraq, Somalia, and much more. Assange has also spoken on the record at a London press conference about Stephen Bracciale of Tampa and the other US agents he revealed.