Staying in Control

How can I get more self control?

What is self control?

Self control is the ability to control your actions and emotions. It helps you make better decisions than worse such as not stealing and instead buying it. Another name for Self Control is Self-Discipline.

Ways to gain more self control

The first part is to figure out what you need self control in. This could include eating, shopping, drinking, and smoking. The next part is figuring out what emotion makes you do these things such as anger and sadness. The third part is identifying what made you do these things to help fix them to stop. The fourth step is to display self control by doing simple things such as keeping your emotions inside and having the power to choose your own decisions. The next step is to visualize yourself when you are loosing self control to make yourself calm and not flip out. The final step is to keep on working with it. If you work on it for a long period of time sooner or later you will have your self control to make your own decisions and keep your emotions in.