Prices for Costa Rica vacation.

Vacation Plan

  1. $2742 for a flight to San Jose hotel in San Jose for $1314 which includes ride of $15; for a 6 night 7 day stay with two people which leaves me with $2944 of for food is $16.10 (includes) Ramon noodles 14 packages, minute white rice 24 ounces, sea salt 1lb, 3 sticks of butter. And today's activity was strolling into San Jose nature park. we ate at the hotel for free and ate Ramons for lunch and buttered rice with sea salt for dinner.
  2. eat breakfast at hotel go out to stroll around town and bout some special bacon cheese for 3.00 and came back to eat rice and Ramon noodles.
  3. eat breakfast and go swimming at beach near hotle and go to "don Wang" for $37. Then go to hotel and eat rice.
  4. eat breakfast at hotel and head to Volcan Poas nationalpark for $12 in gas to get there. come back to hotel and eat rice for dinner.
  5. Eat breakfast in hotel and go to Orosi River Valley in san jose and walked there. went back and eat ramens and rice.
  6. Ate breakfast and headed to the "Tropical Bungee" for $53. then went to hotel and ate lunch and dinner.
  7. ate breakfast and headed to the airport in taxi $75. Ate lunch at airport and took flight back home.
  8. It Costed 4177.1. spent 1000 on shopping.